14 April 2006

And now they know ...

Joshua Ooi !!11!!oneone!!oneone!!1111!!!!

He read my blog. And he found out about me leaving. And he had a funny dream too ... in glorious Technicolor. But somewhat faded color / dual tone kinda Technicolor. I'm thinking it's a bit 60s kinda Technicolor. Josh, please confirm if your dream was in full glorious Technicolor / faded Technicolor / Dual Tone / Monochrome / Black and White.

So here's how Josh's dream turned out ....

  • Josh was walking into the office, and approaching his desk.
  • He could see Linda, staring out of the Petronas Tower 2 glass pane directly behind his desk.
  • As he walked closer to his desk, he could make out Moz Monster standing outside the glass pane (means I standing outside the building lah ... )
  • He could see that the wind outside was very strong because the winds were blowing against my hair, messing it all up.
  • And before he could do anything, Moz jumped off the building. Silently. Into the streets 70 floors below
  • Josh was at a lost ... stunned into silence.
  • Linda ... well, she probably just walked back to her desk and then carried on working.
Well, I found that reaction to me leaving ... just plain funny.

Some myths in his dreams:
  • I gel my hair when I work. No chance my hair would mess, even in the face of Katrina-like hurricane.
  • Since I know suicide would void my life insurance policy payout, I would never do such a thing. You think I stupid meh ?
  • On Level 70, there is no way to get out of the building thru the windows lah ...
  • Linda is usually so blur she wouldn't have noticed I was standing outside the window. She'd probably mistake me for a window cleaner or something.
I'm still around. I love myself too much to actually do things like that. I think his dream is just a metaphor.

OK guys, since you guys found out about this already, let me make things plain and clear:
  • I do miss y'all. The people are the best thing in my job. You folks in the Malaysian office rawk. I will miss you all. Hell, I'm starting to miss you all already.
  • I'm not doing it for the money. At least that's not the reason I wanted to leave. Every person needs to chart his own course; I'm no different. I looked out because I was frustrated with aspects of my job, and aspects of the company. Yes, $$$ is one. But it's not even factor numero uno.
  • I really believe that I won't be able to reach that next step in my career here - not on my own terms, not own my own schedule. I know I won't have that sort of control anywhere anyways unless my father runs the country (he doesn't even run the household). But I think I can be proactive and build my strengths and make use of my skills so that when, and if, the opportunity comes along, I'll at least have a shot.
  • And honestly guys, my frustrations have been made known for some time now to the folks up there. Some time = a few years. If I can't see a remedy in a few years, I won't find it in the counter offer as well.
  • And lastly, I closed the door on counter offer because I don't want to be a hypocrite. I've always told everyone I know that if the counter offer doesn't address the reason one is leaving, there's no point taking it. I know from experience I won't get what I want.
Look guys - bottomline is that I love you all dearly, and I will miss you all equally. Think of me as taking a fork in the road - maybe taking the path less travelled. It's a small circle where we work, I assure you all we'll be in touch and we'll be friends - always.


Kenny Lee said...

FYI, insurance will still payout if you suicide with condition that you have pay the first year premium and you suicide after one year you buy the insurance.

moz monster said...

kenny: Really? I have to check again then ... but I still won't jump from tall buildings unless it's a bungee jump or unless I have a parachute with me.