19 April 2006

Short Holiday ?

I have a very short gap between this job and the next, and I'm thinking of taking a short holiday.

After all the stress of handling Streamyx, and to give myself a logical break between the 2 jobs, I think a short break would do me wonders.

In keeping with the local theme, I'm thinking whether it would be better to visit .... Kota Kinabalu, the islands off Terengganu or stuff myself silly in Penang?

I love KK for it's more laid back atmosphere and the closeness of nature. And I get to play golf too ... =) ... and still visit the TAR Marine National Parks - I snorkeled very close to a whale shark last time I was there !!! =)

I want to try out maybe Perhentian Besar or Redang, since, embarassingly, I haven't visited those places. And I still probably can golf in Awana. And I can probably drop by and visit a certain blogger in KT.

And I love Penang because there's never a shortage of things to see and do. This time, if I go, I resolve to hike up Bukit Bendera and also visit some hidden beaches. And most likely, I'll go to Pulau Payar / Langkawi.

But where ??


pelf said...

Visit THAT certain blogger la, what else?!

Che-Cheh said...

Visit the places you've never been before.

moz monster said...

pelf: I'm seriously considering that. I have an urge to visit KT, but I'm also thinking about Penang and KK because there are things I want to do there too .. *decisions, decisions*

che-cheh: I think I might just do that.