03 April 2006

Top Ten Sugar Saving Methods

It's out in the news ... there's a sugar shortage in 4 states. Now we may have to ration ... of all things ... sugar.

So now, you might just have to save on your sugar. Which isn't always such a bad thing anyways. But really, can you imagine it ?

Moz: "Eh ... mamak ... teh tarik satu, kurang manis ..."
Mamak: "Dei ... apalah lu ... teh tarik sekarang tarak gula punya la. Gula tarak cukup ..."
Moz: "^*&^*%&%&^$^$@^$%)*&@#*&^&^#$% ...

Or maybe Coke Sugarless version. Imagine the spin they'll put on it ... "No sugar! Flavor on your own ... just heat up and add sugar ..."

Well, what can we, the poor rakyat do to alleviate the sugar shortage? Here ... the Top Ten Sugar Saving Methods ...

  • Stop calling you significant half with sweet names. No more Honeys or Sugar. Stick to terms like Baby or Darling.
  • Ask your local mamak operator to really cut down on sugar. Half the time, those people simply tell you its kurang manis but puts the same sugar anyways.
  • Start going on TV to promote the reasons for reducing the sugar subsidy, and how the money saved will actually be used to improve healthcare service ... ooops ... sounds more like way to deal with oil price increase.
  • Stop listening to sugar coated boy band songs about falling in love. Now.
  • Stop being sweet.
  • Learn to take teh tarik and other sugar laced beverages with salt instead.
  • Ask our soft drink manufacturers to finally come up with drinks that are not all sugar, all approved food flavoring and all approved food coloring. Put the real stuff in the drink, please. (Ever faced this before? You buy a dish washing liquid that says contains real lemon ... and a lemon juice that says contains permitted flavoring instead ?)
  • What for save? Increase price of sugar and you'll suddenly see a flood of sugar in the market.
  • Starting a bee farm is NOT very difficult ...
  • Use Sugar-free sugar !


NickTay said...

if u stop being sweet then the sugar will run out even faster la :P

angel said...

*scratch head*

*scratch butt*

how to stop being sweet? i donno how... can teach? but then, if stop being sweet means less sugar around, no?? apalah lu?!

cheng sim said...

i can live my life without sugar cuz i think salt is far more important. *imagining mum's cooking tasted like sayur masin* blueh!

HairyFairy said...

haha.. no sugar is good!! less cases of diabetes, and other heart-problems. =) probably a good time to make everyone practice a healthier diet.

moz monster said...

nicktay: Haha ... Your body doesn't produce sugar on its own. You'll need to consume that from somewhere =)

angel: YES !!! You've mastered it ... scratching butt will help you look less sweet. Now, please look for other ungainly body parts to scratch ...

cheng sim: if you imagine a world without sugar, you'll soon realise it's a world of bitter chocolate and tasteless tea-ramisu cakes. i don't think you'll like that.

honda chong #17: i think sugar is more than just diabetes, etc. it's also essential diet ... just not in the vast, overkill quantities we consume at our local teh tarik establishments or when we gulp 'em softdrink to down that fat McD's burger ...

angel said...

LMAO!! apalah! u nearly make me choke on my kopi!!

*pinch moz's butt*

Che-Cheh said...

Sugar shortage ? *shocked*
like this also can ?

moz monster said...

angel: don't choke on your kopi, please. i am not a trained emergency resuscitation personnel.

che-cheh: Yes, it's a sugar shortage. But today's news is trying to pacify fears.