16 June 2006

Top Ten Signs You've Been Watching Too Much 'Star Wars'

I don't know if it's me, or if it's real, but lately, there has been way too many people I've been in touch with who're talking about Star Wars. It's Star Wars this, Star Wars that. It's getting to me, ok? I really don't have a clue why it's such a big deal.

There was a chat last night with some football kakis that drifted into the topic of Star Wars. Ok, I know England is like, boring. But Star Wars?

And then this morning, there was a small chat in the office that evolved into another Star Wars discussion. Full blown, blow-by-blow details on each of the 6 movies.

Look, I enjoy all 6 movies, but did you guys really have to make it like the centerpiece of your life?

If you don't think you've been watching Star Wars too often, then you shouldn't display any of the symptoms in this list then ...

  • Your two dogs are called "R2" and "D2". And when their puppies are "C", "3", "P" and "O".
  • You will only date girls who dress like Princess Leia
  • Favorite pickup line: "May my force be with you?"
  • Next favorite pickup line: "Wanna see my light saber?"
  • Your version of Mr. Perfect? Tall, Dark and Hairy :- Chewbacca
  • When you are deep in trouble, you ask yourself what Jar Jar Binks would do in the same situation.
  • You wear a Darth Vader helmet whenever you ride your Honda kapcai to work. And your kapcai's nickname is the Death Star.
  • Your sex life is strictly 'Han Solo'. Get my drift?
  • You keep a photo of Yoda in your wallet to inspire you.
  • You only help people when they use the magic words: "Obi Wan !! You are my only hope !!"


abe said...

you start talking without considering the 'subject verb agreement'; like Yoda.

seen the football game have you last night?

cheng sim said...

u shld make a post on "Top Ten signs you watch way TOO many Football matches"

im not a star wars fan. i hate sci-fi movies. i dun even watch Matrix. besides, Fast & Furious lagi best lah. go make everyone around you watch it so, you'll be talking about cars 24-7 (unless of course, u dun have any interest in cars)

Che-Cheh said...

Ok i'm one of the Star Wars maniac....

May The Force Be With You...hehehe

moz monster said...

abe: funny your joke is

cheng sim: Haha ... fast car. I should do one top 10 for that sometime. Lemme put that in the idea pool.

che-cheh: I hope your idea of a perfect guy is not Han Solo or Chewbacca ...

Minny said...

I know a lot of NERDS without girlfriends who will be very offended by this blog entry :) hehehe

moz monster said...

minny: But why?? Because I'm spot on? =)