07 June 2006

Random Notes ...

The work so far ...
Well, it's been about a month now since I left my previous job. After a short break in the East Coast, I've now been working with a new employer.

I'm enjoying my work immensely ... the challenges are real, and they are big. But it's the satisfaction of having pushed my limits that makes me happy and content. I'm not a very old person, and I by no measure should stop learning, growing and pushing my boundaries further. In a way, I'd hate myself if I just had a 9-to-5 job that promises a life of monotony. I'd die of boredom ...

I'm still getting used to the surroundings and the work environment, not to mention the team. However, everything seems to be alright so far. I've been jumping into the action, which is thick and fast, and I'm loving it too. Seems like the best way to learn might be to get the feet wet.

I'm starting to understand the dynamics of the team better, so hopefully, I'll fit in well. I don't want to be dead weight on this ship.

Rain & Me
Ok, Korean idol fans - stay grounded. This is not Rain the person. This is rain, as in water falling from the sky.

The rain today ensured I had a very, very long commute home along the LDP. And wrecked the shine off my newly washed car. I haven't washed it for ages until last Sunday, when it hadn't rained for a while ... and then ... today, the damn sky had to open up on me.

I'm not anti-rain, but rain seems to just put a slow on everything. It's like that slow spell the wizards get to cast in some of those real time strategy games. Damn. And slowing down traffic while I'm driving home is no fun at all.

Don't we all despise the rain falling at peak traffic hours?

Broken down cars
On the subject of work commute ... I'd like to just say that since I have been driving on the LDP, it appears that cars breaking is a very common thing.

Look, car owners - take care of your car. It's the second most expensive thing you probably own - next to your house. Service it regularly. Keep it in working condition.

Because if you don't - it bloody breaks down when you least expect it to. Like when I want to be early for work. It sucks when you have to get somewhere early, and stuck in a jam because YOUR vehicle is stranded.

I encountered 3 broken down cars today at work. And that made a 30 minute commute turn into a 45 minute one. You multiply that by the number of people who're affected. Let's say everyone travelling my way is late by 15 minutes. And let's say there were 10,000 cars affected.

If you calculate ...

a) Cost of being 15 minutes late
b) Pollution caused by 15 unnecessary minutes the car spent on the road
c) Amount of carbon fuel burnt unnecessarily during the 15 unnecessary minutes of delay
d) Knock on effect 15 late minutes has on the rest of the day ..

Then multiply by 10,000 ... it's almost an insane figure. Someone from our government should make the calculation and decide that productivity is at stake. But, I guess it's another excuse for them to punch in late at work in those government departments, right?

IMHO, Those drivers should all be put into jail !!! It's your responsibility to keep your car in working order, OK? Exceptions will be made for folks whose car break down unexpectedly. But if it's things such as boiling radiator because you haven't been topping up the coolant, or you have not been sending the car for regular servicing, etc., I think a jail sentence works.

And I've been encountering broken down cars almost everyday on my drive to work. Why don't people learn?

Busy Busy Busy
I've been grounded in Malaysia to work on an urgent piece of work.

I'm expecting very little sleep for some days, and I'm expecting very much mental stress and agony. It comes with the job, and makes it fun and exciting. Well, sometimes it does.

Does anyone know a place for quick stress release near Bukit Damansara? I'm talking oxygen bar, foot massage or just a nice tong shui place. Things that will make me forget about work for about 20 minutes everyday. I'll need it. Sudokus don't work anymore.

Last night, it was the opium scented incense. I wonder if it'll work again tonight ... (Don't ask me if it really smells like opium ... I have no idea how real opium smells like !!)

My first time ...
I made my first solo presentation to a customer today in this job. It's nothing to shout about, but I thought I handled myself very well, and was able to carry off a pretty good job.

All journeys have to start somewhere, right?

Now, if I can only stop myself from talking forever and ever and ever. I need to cut down on the number of presentation slides.

The customer seemed happy enough, and my team mates gave me pretty good reviews as well. But they all agreed that it was best I cut down the presentation time ... so ... OK. Heard you. Will do.


angel said...

At Bkt Damansara, if i not mistaken, Sheila Majid got open a spa there...

It's always liddat wann...once cuci kereta, sure hujans... Murphy's Law, maybe? Liuliu...

Inevitable said...

Ei, you must be damn busy. Posting different topic on a single post.

moz monster said...

angel: I've checked it out on the web ... appears to be a nice place ...

inevitable: Yes, very busy. No posting until next week =(