13 June 2006

An interview with a Pelf

I'm out of ideas. I'll admit to it. The funnies have dried up. Really. Hopefully, it's not a permanent condition, otherwise, I'll have to play laught tracks in the blog.

In my brain, the part responsible for funnies / blog ideas and daily writing is the same part responsible for work. And whenever that part of brain is overworked, it switches off to preserve sanity.

The end result is a very glummy looking guy - Moz.

To bail me out momentarily while the work overdrive continues, I'm relying on blogger friends to give me memes, interviews, etc.

The senior Pelf-ster didn't exactly want to interview me, but the opportunity came, so I forced her to interview me. Really.

BTW, can Pelf educate me whether she should be addressed as THE Pelf or A Pelf? I know there are 2 Pelf's out there, maybe even more ... I'll stick with a Pelf unless you send me an official letter from your legal counsel advising me otherwise. *bluek* *tries to imitate a Pelf*

(1) What did you do in your free time before you started blogging?

Me? There wasn't any life before I started blogging. I was in a freezer, being cryogenically frozen until the Internet and blogging got invented. I was really born in 1732, and spent the first 28 years of my life in a monastery on a hilltop in Northern China. My life evolved around meditation, learning Shaolin Kung Fu, fetching laborious amounts of water from the bottom of the hill up to the monastery and being reminded that I'm supposed to remain chase my whole life.

One day, the chief monk had a vision of the future, and decided that I had to be a blogger. Thus, I was frozen in time until recently when I got thawed by a spell that would only work once blogging became the in thing.

Haha ... that's my imagination running wild.

Come to think of it, what did we all do in our free time before blogging came about?

I had my own little life centered around either: pubs and clubs, meeting up with friends, computer games and the odd drive to no where. Normal, I guess. What did you do before blogging came about? I hope you weren't a full time stamp collector or something like that ...

(2) Why exactly did you start blogging? Do you have plans to host your own blog in the future? Will you abandon your blog after getting married?

Not fair!! That's really 3 questions !!

I was all alone and overseas when I started blogging. I really started in Singapore during one of my very long overseas assignments - I was in Singapore for a whole year, really.

I was tapping into some neighbour's wireless LAN, and had lots of time to kill, so blogging was something I did out of boredom. That was around 3 years back. No one read that blog, I didn't even attempt to write anything interesting there - it was more like my life journal. And no one wants to read Moz's life journal. Even my mum would die of boredom if she read it.

I have no set plans in mind for my blog. It's fluid. It's dynamic. And it's the way I like it to be. I believe my blog should be a living project - it should reflect the life I'm going thru. I don't want to create plans such as having my own domains, etc. etc. Circumstances might change that, and I will get disappointed if I don't meet my own goals. So, it's much better to leave it this way and let the flow of time decide things.

Abandoning my blog after marriage? Hmmm ... There are a few variables here I have no control over. Assuming I find a partner, and assuming she wants to marry me, I'm not sure what will happen after that. I'd like to keep blogging as long as I feel up to it. Thank goodness I don't blog to an audience - with the paltry number of readers I have, I would have given up ages ago.

I guess the answer to that is - as long as there is a purpose in blogging, I'll keep at it. Of course, this is time permitting. I think the answer is no. I don't think I'll stop blogging just because I'm married.

Wei ... friend ... it's 3 questions you gave me there. You see how long the response is? =)

(3) Name some of the nice bloggers you’ve met only when you have started blogging (you’d better include me). And explain why you think they are nice.

(1) Pelf Senior. She's included here on strong recommendation from the interviewer. It's just a little funny how she strings perfect sentences together. And she appears to be nice genuinely - it's a character judgement I'm making without actually having met her, but I'm had some chats and think she's really nice anyways. And plus, that kinda shows in her blog as well. She's so nice she qualifies for a Beijing Panda Bear. However, she sorta FFKed me in KT, so I'm still keeping the Beijing Panda Bear in trust until a time deemed suitable by the sole owner of the Beijing Panda Bear (me).

Angel. I'm not sure if she's still singing or if she's orgasmic now. But she's nice. She was the first serial commentator on my blog, and gave me plenty of encouragement to start. I would have been so much less enthusiastic about blogging seriously if it wasn't for her. And yes, she's nice. Why? Tiramisu. That's why. And that's why she qualifies for a Beijing Panda Bear.

The Infected One. Honestly, he reminds me a bit of me when I was in college. Well except the auto accidents and the results part. And he's writes well and is funny. Again, haven't really met him, but he's nice enough to get into the nice club. But no Beijing Panda Bear. I'd hate to see what he'll write if he gets a Panda Bear from me. I'd be crucified for being a brokeback, dude. So, you're nice, but no Panda. Maybe a Mocha Latte when we do get to meet.

I'm including one more - The Banana Girl - Cheng Sim. She's nice ain't she? Again, she might not be concious of it, but some of her comments gave me encouragements. For that I've sent her a present from Beijing as well. But apparently, it's lost in the complicated Malaysian Postal Delivery system. Hey, CS, if it never gets there, you'll get a cheesecake or something when we do get to meet then, ok ?

(4) What is the one thing that you dislike about the blogosphere? And what can you do about it?

Blog wars.

OK. I don't exactly dislike it. It's interesting, and it makes for good reading. But do people have to be soooooOOOOOooooo nasty? It's like wrestling, only the fights are real.

It's a blog, for heaven's sake. Let people have their say, let people project their opinion. And if you don't agree, make it clear it's a disagreement in opinion. There's no need to resort to character assassination, back-stabbing and name calling.

Just disagree on the points - there's always room for healthy debate and disagreements - everyone looks at things slightly differently.

It's very interesting, but it's not all that positive, is it?

(5) Any embarrasing blogging moments to share?

Nah, haven't been caught on camera wearing my boxers or anything like that. And even if I did get caught, it'll probably be ok too. With all those nice pictures of pretty people floating around, I don't think anyone will pay attention to me. Moz not pretty.

Dah. Aced the interview =)

OK, here's the deal. If anyone of you have trouble sleeping at night, or is not interested in the World Cup, and needs something else to pass time by, leave a comment. Tell me you want to get 5 silly questions from me, and I'll be happy to respond to you in a comment entry with 5 questions. The degree of silliness will be at the sole discretion of the blogger (me, again).

Remember ... you're not supposed to be copying the questions above and answering 'em. You're supposed to get brand new ones from me. Just leave a comment. I'm tailor making questions to fit you. How exciting is that?


angel said...

LOL! Liuliu... I stopped singing sekejap becos nobody listens to angel singing wan... but yesterday got Special Request for me to 'sing' again, so, I'm still singing I guess...

Whaddaya mean I nice bcos Tiramisu?? O_o

I love my Beijing Panda Bear.


Thanks for the sweet words. Okay, lu mau apa? :P

pelf said...

No wonder I didn't get MY Beijing Panda Bear - it WENT to Angel.. *sob*

moz monster said...

angel: I hope you can feel the love I've put into the Panda Bear.

Go figure out the tiramisu.

pelf: No, your Panda bear is safe in my room. It's just waiting for the right time to hand over to you. I'm just holding it temporarily lah ...

angel got the Male Panda. You're getting the Female Panda.

Che-Cheh said...

A longwinded post...hehe

moz monster said...

che-cheh: Because I was winded that day =P