26 June 2006

Restful Sunday

I had a well rested day on Sunday, for a change.

After many unsuccessful attempts to get together for a game of golf with DP, we finally managed to get together for a friendly round. Although the hours are a little unearthly - 9 am - for Sunday, I'm not complaining. If it's anything else, 9 am in the morning is impossible. However, I make exceptions for golf with friends.

We had much to catch up about ... we have now both left the former company - both for somewhat the same reasons, I guess. So it was good time to compare notes. Well, from what I gather speaking to him, he's got himself a good deal, so all the best, brader.

Back to the golf ... it was great ... although we were always stuck behind some real slow golfers, the weather was nearly constantly pleasant, which meant it was all the better.

I picked up a couple of pars and a birdie, which means I've had a great day. There were a few 1 putts and a few close shaves, and I was constantly in with a shout for par, which meant that I'm getting more consistent =)

I managed to fix my slice problems with the drive, which meant all but a few drives were going arrow straight =). Thanks to Andy for noticing I've been getting the back swing way over the top. And that good first shot translated into more options for my second, I nearly always had a look at the green and today, I managed to get on the green in regulation around half the time. I think a happy person = better golfer.

After golf, we had a nice chat about just about everything - golf, life, work, university application (UPU sent me an SMS to register for some courses - unsolicited, of course - whilst we were on the course), and cars. It's nice to take the mind of the tenders and technical compliance statements for a change.

And then I had a shopping trip to 1U. Bought some work shirts - I need some more 'update' work clothes that will blend in with what my colleagues wear. Didn't notice a drop in business as someone mentioned following the you-know-what rumor.

And I topped it with a mamak session with liuliu angel. We talked about vehicular purchase negotiations skill, peculiar Japanese habits, correct usage of the liuliu language, how PJ mamaks beat Puchong mamaks, etc. etc. Hehe ... nice chat - we'll find a not-so-stinky place for mamak next time. Thanks for coming over.

It's a good Sunday. At last.


Inevitable said...

next time mamak with angel, give me a buzz... will come if i am free

angel said...

Liuliu... see lar, now i got sorethroat liu... :(

Yeah! Nxt time we ajak inevitable.
Moz, we can go that someone's corner... ok?

moz monster said...

inevitable: OK. Sure ... I'll give you a buzz ...

angel: ha ? sorethroat my fault meh? you go and liuliu so loud for what?

set. set. next time inevitable gets ajaked.

angel said...

It's not i liuliu so loud... i think it's the liuliu meehoon... or some liuliu basket liu around the place we sat and passed me the germs.. :(

Che-Cheh said...

Why dont you give us a lesson or two about golf? :)

moz monster said...

angel: I still think it's because you were liu-ing the other night very loudly. I can hear it from here ...

che-cheh: Sure ... I go to the driving range every weekend. Do join me.