30 June 2006

Thank You Guys !!!

A couple of days ago, I posted a cryptic entry asking my imaginary readers to wish me luck.

I'm glad to say that thanks in part to those well wishes, I'm looking set to score the biggest success in my career so far. It all looks promising. I hope.

There was a high powered presentation that day, basically a customer demo that I was leading, and I was a little nervous about the preparations.

When I posted that note, I knew the demo system is down =(, and while I had no doubts at all that it would be fixed and running in time for the presentation, I was hoping fervently to get access to the system to have a bit more practice and also to rehearse once by myself.

Well, no luck with that. The system only came back about 2 hours before the demo, but still I was grateful that I did manage to squeeze in 2 hours of practice.

And those two hours came in very, very, handy indeed. I looked at the areas in my presentation which I thought I could improve and worked on it in those two short hours.

To cut the story short, we made a very excellent presentation and made a brilliant pitch about our proposal. And what seemed like a remote chance of success a month ago now looks like at worst, a 50-50 chance.

I damn Happy !!!

Thank you angeliuna joliu
Thank you HCity
Thank you Inevitable
Thank you Che-Cheh
Thank you Chloe
Thank you Laksa
Thank you Infectioner
Thank you abe

* come here .. lemme give you guys and gals a hug *


angel said...

*drops more Lucky Feathers*

Che-Cheh said...

*hug hug*

Hcity said...

Congrats. Well done!

Inevitable said...

You sure got one hell of a mood swing man! Manyak cepat swing from FUCK YOU SUPERMAN to THANK YOU TO THE GANG.
Anyway, congrats!

Laksa said...

Big Hug!

moz monster said...

All: Thanks again.

inevitable: I can't be sulking for a few days, can I? I'll just boycott the cinemas.

abe said...

oh my... a hug?? urmm.. urm... i'd better stay out of this!! haha. jokin! btw, congrats!!

chloe said...

abe's a prude... =P

haha, *hugz* and congrats.

moz monster said...

abe: What's in your mind?? I don't brokeback lah ... come, get your hug here ...

chloe: *hugs in return*