14 June 2006

Top Ten Signs You're Taking Too Much Sugar

Ok guys. It's out in the news. Malaysians consume 2.5 times the sugar they need. We're all sugar addicts, ok?

Don't believe me? Read the papers. Here.

Yeah, I know its sad, but you and I, we're all taking in way too much sugar. Yessir, I think the signs are there for all to see. And I'm already thinking that mamaks who overdo their teh tariks should be all hauled up and thrown in jail because they're creating health problems down the road for us Malaysians. But who are we kidding? We're all responsible ourselves, ok?

But, wait. You say - NOPE. You're not taking too much sugar?

OK. Suit you. But here are Top Ten Signs You're Taking Too Much Sugar.

  • When you forget to flush after peeing, the ants will come.
  • When the nurse took your blood sample and gave it to the doctor, the doctor rejected it and reminded the nurse that he wanted a blood sample, not a tube of syrup.
  • To make your teh tarik, here's what the mamak has to do: "Put 14 spoons of sugar. Add 4 spoons of sweetened condensed milk. Add hot tea. Stir like mad until everything's dissolved".
  • The instructions says "Put sugar as desired to flavor". And you empty a whole gunny sack of sugar into the cheesecake you're baking.
  • This year, the entire sugar industry is depending on you to make a profit.
  • The Health Ministry has issued a circular announcing that you have been declared as bio-hazardous because it's now possible to get diabetes just by touching you.
  • When Superman used his X-Ray vision on you, all he could see was cubes and cubes of sugar.
  • You ask the waiter to bring you some syrup to add to your mug of cold beer.
  • Dracula is sending you a lawsuit because after he got diabetes after drinking your blood.
  • You simply can't sleep without eating 2 spoons of sugar.
Hehe ... hope non of these apply to any of you guys.


Andy said...

Nice work! Hilarious top 10 list! xD

Inevitable said...

Ahh... how I miss your top 10 post... gogogo

moz monster said...

andy: tenkiu!!!!!!! *wet muaks*

inevitable: we should do a joint top 10 post. how about that?