12 June 2006

Feeling the heat ... but loving it

Well, I haven't been putting up posts lately because the job had been really taking a lot out of me.

I woke up this morning with bits of proposal papers, notes, pens, pieces of scrap paper, staples and my iPod with me in bed. For the first time since my teenage years when I was scrambling to read up the night before the tests, I actually fell asleep in bed with my homework. I was happy I didn't crush the fragile looking laptop in my sleep. Like, what do I tell my boss then when I have to ask for a replacement?

"I slept with the laptop? ...."

Just two nights ago, I fell asleep on the laptop. When I woke up, there was an unending stream of 'm's across my document. I had to delete about 200 pages of the letter m. Apart from that, I had the impression marks of the keyboard all across the right side of my face. I was happy then I didn't drool - what am I going to say to the IT folks who maintain the laptops when they ask me about the bodily fluids they found on my laptop?

"I slept with the laptop" is hardly a good response.

Anyways, you get the idea. I haven't been getting a lot of sleep. In between trying to learn the ropes in my new job, there are the real work - everyday tasks that needs to be done. And while I still get the luxury of some slack from people who know I'm still new, I don't expect that to last long. And there's the darned World Cup as well - not that I get to watch a lot of it.

The victim in all this? This blog is. I'm going to have to start blogging less now because I am going to need all the time I can get.

One of my own silent goals when I started to do this more seriously was to basically try and blog daily. It was a good stress relieve mechanism for me - and it still is - but time is one thing I don' t have. However, I'm determined not to stop blogging - I just want to blog when time permits. I'd really hate to stop this since this is one past time I enjoy a lot. I hope blogging won't just turn out to be one of those 'phase' thing.

You know, like the 'phase' you went thru when you simply had to have pen-pals because you needed to collect stamps and you don't just want to have an album full of 30 sen palm oil stamps?

Or the 'phase' you went thru when you can't fall asleep without kissing the picture of each of the F4 guys and then hugging the bolster with a picture of Wang Lee Hom / Julian Cheung / ?

Still, to those who think that this new job is stressful, it really isn't. There's a difference between stress and busy-ness. I'm really busy - up to my neck with work, learning and getting used to my new job. But guess what, I'm really happy too.

It's a good sign for me that I'm being involved in many tasks. It's a good sign for me that I'm entrusted with important tasks that have very challenging deadlines. It underscores the trust I'm getting, and it also shows that the level of expectation is high.

I can handle that. I wanted to have important tasks.
I'll give up a bit of sleep if that's what it takes. I'm always one who wants to be the guy who takes charge, so this is my chance.

I so intend to take it.


angel said...


I also slept on my notebook last weekend... :P

Take care.

Inevitable said...

Just blog when you feel like it. I will still drop by once or twice a day to check on update.

Che-Cheh said...

Oiii miss your top ten thingy. :)

moz monster said...

angel: did anything happen? I hope you had protection. wakakakaka ...

inevitable: Thanks, man. I really appreciate the support and encouragement !! =)

che-cheh: I'll make one soon - just for you. =)