01 May 2007

Travel bits

Now that there's some break from work, I can update a little on my travels to Hanoi last week.

I stayed at the Hanoi Opera Hilton for the first time ! The hotel rawks ! The hotel manager rawks !

I really went there on work, on a really tough assignment. Odds are I won't come out ofo the meeting smelling like roses. Still, work is work - I'm paid to do the good part and the not so good part.

So, it perked my day up upon seeing this on my way to Hanoi. Rainbows to me is a good omen. Seeing this, I believed I can make something good out of my Hanoi assignment.

It was the hardest trip to Hanoi, in both literal and actual sense. There wasn't any direct flight available by the time I needed to fly, so I had to make a transit in Ho Chih Minh City on the way to Hanoi. That made a 3 hour 20 minute flight turn into a 6 hour+ journey. Still, the food served on board managed to serve some funnies:

The meeting didn't turn out as bad, although I was badly dehydrated by the time I was done - the meeting room was hot because AC wasn't firing on all cylinders, and I did most of the talking all of the 4 hours, sweating, and without drinks served.

So, to make up for that, that night, me and Jon, a colleague from Thailand, we went to chill out in the Old Quarters. I took the chance to get my sunshine a purple lantern. Glad you love it, dear.

And on my way back, a tantalising glimpse of the gems of the East Coast, the Redang archipelago. Click on this and other pictures to see a bigger version.

Makes me look forward to my holiday !


Applegal said...

The rainbow photo's really nice! :D So's the islands photo! Cafe looks really really nice too, sigh. Wish I was on holiday right now :(

pelf said...

WHOA! Can see the turtle nesting site too!! :)

may said...

really like that last shot! can use as map liao... heheh!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Olla from Fairy World!

Wooow the pictures all look so nice! MAkes me wanna go there and get away from KL city! If only I'm rich and free enough for travelling!

Jemima said...

Next time, pls post on the different languages of the countries you have been. :p

Examples like how to say Good Morning & Thank you. :)

Teach us how to pronounce them, too. :p

moz monster said...

I heard you will be going on a long holiday soon, no ?

Au Lac Cafe is highly recommended in the travel guides ... and I find that recommendation justified.

Where? Can point out ah ? Where? Where ?

Hahaha ... this is a highly accurate map, yes. But you don't know which way is north do you ? =P

*rolls out red carpet for natasshea*

I don't have $$$ to travel as well. I simply find a job that forces me to travel =P

In Viet, Chao Mung is good morning. I don't know about thank you, because everyone thanks me with a Thank You .. =)

nyonyapenang said...

oh, i learned 2 new Vietnamese words here. :P