20 May 2007

Just end my misery ...

More travel to Vietnam.

More misery.

I am developing a strong dislike for this particular case I'm working on. God bless, I love my job, but this case, well ... let's just say I won't be sorry if I have nothing to do with it anymore.

On the other hand, travelling to Hanoi means: Pho !!!! Hot soup, rice noodles with herb garnishing and beef / chicken. How can anyone say no to Pho ? Or Baguette? Or Vietnamese Coffee?


Jemima said...

If only I can make it once to Vietnam... :(

Well, one of these days I'll get there. :)

may said...

PHO!! I'm such a fan of pho. don't know how it's like to work in Vietnam, but even if it's a nice place, travelling gets a wee bit too tiring sometimes, eh. have a good and safe trip, nevertheless!

angel said...

*pat pat moz head*

Kuai kuai ler, go and fast fast kambek lor...

Vietnamese Baguette? This I must see... hmmm...

Kenny Ng said...

Snap more photos there ok? Can tumpang u buy some Vietnam coffee ah?

moz monster said...

I'm sure you'll get there one of these days. It's where all the action is nowadays .. =)

Thanks May !!!

I'll tarpau a virtual PHO from the Old Quarters for you !!! =)

Vietnamese confectionaries are the best in the whole region - because they learnt well from the French ! Must try one !

I'll tarpau a virtual baguette for you ! Also from Old Quarters !

It's a working trip, brother. But I'll try to snap as many photos as my schedule will permit !

chloe said...

how bad can a working trip be? mmmhmm, holiday.

Will said...

well, enjoy :P

Winn said...

yalor. bring ur camera.

multiple .....


have fun ya!

laundryamah said...

eh nice leh vietnamese food...yumz! hey can u send me the photos of me????

Applegal said...

Gambate! All the best, it'll be over soon enough!

moz monster said...

Aiks ... tak nampak your kopi request ! If I get chance to shop !

Hahahaa ... it's almost like a lawatan sambil dimarah ... not your usual work trip ...

Thanks !!! I'll try to enjoy getting challenged and scolded at ...

No wonder you were playing with the camera so much ... so you were getting multiple ... ? O_o !!

*rolls out red carpey*

Welcome to my blog !!!

I'll take as many photo as my scheulde permits ! =)

Thanks ... I hope I'll have a better day on Wednesday when all this is over me ...

angel said...


Amah asked u for her pics, you pi cakap pasal take photo pulak... apalah... u ok mou?

moz monster said...

aiks !!! tersalah baca pulak !!! I tot laundryamah ask me to send pikcher of vietnamese food pulaks !!!! sorrrrrrrrrrry !!!!

gazillions of apologies !!!!

i sent the photos already !!!! i somemore tot you asked for vietnamese food photos !!!!

too excited then - i hardly get new visitors !!

apologies again !

Che-Cheh said...

Wah enjoy my friend...you'll be weeping in Vietnam...Reds kalah!!!

moz monster said...

aduhai cik che-cheh:

Haiyorrrrrr ... your predictions always wrong one lar ... still wanna predict ka ?

Even if Liverpool loses in the final, I will be a loyal Liverpool supporter for life. I continue to support the Reds thru thick and thin.

But listen here lor ... Liverpool will win !!!!