15 May 2007

Charging the Batteries: Cherating / Chendor

Every once in a while, when the soul starts to get jaded and the energy level falls, you know it's time to get away from it all and recharge the batteries !

The timing was good too ... I was just finishing a year with my employers, and some work fatigue has crept into me. So, what better an a road trip to the East Coast with the Girlfriend in tug?

First stop: Cherating / Chendor. Honestly, I don't know whether it's Cherating or is it Chendor. Technically, since the resort says it's Cherating, I guess the beach should be called Cherating beach. And it's not too far away from Kampung Cherating too. But the place itself is in Chendor. So how ???

That's why the pictures will show the caption "Cherating / Chendor". =)

If you wanted a deserted stretch of beach to yourself, and still be near a resort of some repute, this is the place to come to.

The beach is protected because it's a turtle sanctuary - and we saw plenty of wildlife - giant raptors, one of which swooped down on the beach before our eyes to catch some unknown prey. And not forgetting, a small seasnake too !

We first spotted it near the shore, still in the sea when we were walking to one end of the beach. However, when we were walking back, the sea snake was already beached. So, like all good photographers, I stepped forward and took some photos of it. =). Even though I am really afraid of snakes, no kidding. Good thing the lens I had mid zoom capabilities, otherwise, I'd be too scared to approach it with a normal point and shoot camera, really.

We drove up early, before sunrise so that we could maximize the time on the beach, and boy, I think it was a good decision. It meant we had the whole afternoon on the beach, which we spent walking up and down the beach, photographing, dozing off to the seabreeze on deck chairs, and just enjoying each other's company. It was great. I could really get used to it, and it was the perfect start to our holidays !

For dinner, while approaching Kampung Cherating, Girlfriend decided we should have a look in the village. We set our criteria - we'll stop in the first food joint that had a decent number of people in it, and looked better than crummy.

We finally found this place which does grilled seafood. The grilled stingray was heavenly.

Next up: Pulau Perhentian Besar - Moz returns to check out the corals !


angel said...

Nice beach but scary snakey :(

Winn said...

wheeeeeeeee here it is.....but.......ewwwweeee i hate snake..i wld fled if i see one. u stil got sum cheng to snap photo...:P

Jemima said...

You call that a small sea-snake???

Will said...

hahaha everyone was distracted by the snake pic :P

Che-Cheh said...

Not much ppl on the beach...perfecto.

Applegal said...

YOR! How big was the snake?!

moz monster said...

The snake was just there ... but I reallt enjoyed the beach, as did Girlfriend, even after the snake encounter.

It wasn't anything dramatic, and there was nothing to be afraid of, really.

Very small snake lah ... I think not even the thickness of your thumb ... apasal takut ?

It was as thick as my thumb ... and definately a juvenile, and looked like it was struggling to get out to sea. I don't think there was anything to be really scared of ... =)

yeah lor ... only angel say the beach looks nice wor ...

All to ourselves !!! Yippeeee !!! And of course, we had to share it with the local residents like the huge bird and the sea snake ... but it was how we like it anyways ... =)

Small, probably as thick as my thumb, maybe thinner, and end to end, probably about a feet or so, maybe a little longer ... definately not menacing.

may said...

I've never actually seen a sea snake on a beach. that's one really good photo!

moz monster said...

I haven't seen one before this as well !

But it was really small, and I didn't really feel threatened by it, so I guess I got lucky !

I've seen beached jellyfish, crabs, mud skippers, even dolphins, but not sea snakes on the beach before !