04 May 2007

How hard do you work?

The world isn't getting easier to survive in. It's becoming more and more competitive, forcing people to work harder and harder. Nowadays, even the smart workers will have to put in the long hours. Such is the demand of the modern day workplace.

Just today, I actually was so hard at work, I didn't take my breakfast, and only had some Mozzichino until around 3pm when I actually had some lunch. By the time it was 5pm, for whatever reason, I went dizzy. I walked over to Secret Recipe and helped myself to a slice of cake and aa pot of hot tea.

It didn't help a lot, so I wrapped up the most urgent work, and headed home for a short snooze.

As I woke up and browsed about the Internet, I came across this entry - MJ ... we all miss you ... , which led me to this entry - Worked up, Stressed up, Crashed down.

The tear that glided down my eyes came from recognising that this could easily be any of us corporate warriors, me included. MJ was a contract staff with a large multinational in Singapore who apparently died from overwork - she apparently suffered from what seems like the economy class syndrome, the Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), which is attributed to her long periods of sitting down at work.

I don't know if it is truly related to work, because I seem to believe this might be related more to lack of physical activity. But I'm sure there would be those who argue you'd have to work pretty hard to not have any physical activity.

Anyways, I just want to that I'm deeply saddened by her death, regardless of what the cause is.

My point is - this incident perfectly illustrated to me that we all have to remember that we work for something. Some work for the money. Some work for the love of the job. Some work to pass time. Some work because they have to.

Whatever your reason for working, you're definately not hoping you'd die one day because you're overworked.

That's why I'm pretty thankful I have my vacations lined up. I'll be away, hopefully, in some sand, sea and surf for a whole week.

I'm still a little wobbly, so I better go snooze somemore. =)

How hard do you work?


angel said...

Stress is probably the main culprit... And you, don't YOU die working, okay?

Happy horniday... yeah, you are allowed to get horny too... ei, good for destressing, okay... ta!

may said...

that's so unfortunate, to pass away due to overwork. you get out there and have FUN instead of working to the death (literally!), ok?

JL said...

exercise kah... come gua ajar lu Kickboxing ;)

moz monster said...

Yallo !!! Stockholm ada baik ka? Ada pegi jenguk dia orang punya attraction ka?

Makan ada baik ka? Hahahah ... =)

Holiday is great ! Enjoyed every moment of it.

THanks May ! Of course I'll have fun !!! Moz just wanna have fun !!!

Wah !!! Really ? Kickboxing ?

I'd much rather do wrestling ???

*Can you smell ... the Moz ?*