29 April 2007

No more macro shots for a while ... I promise !

This is seriously turning more and more into a photoblog, which I don't mind. However, I know the current macro craze I'm in is probably getting tiresome.

I'm still trying to get a macro of the hibiscus while keeping the entire flower sharp. And not have the red become too overpowering as well !

So, this is the last macro post for a while. I'll turn to posting these photos in forums instead for some comments and critiques, which I appreciate from my small readership ! (Pelf & Angel -> note there's not going to be any inferences to imaginary readers as well !)

The flower appears to glow?

As usual, the haunt is my humble garden, and the ocassion - simply a beautiful morning.

Closeup details of a cactus.

The Tamron 90mm is turning into a really great investment !

This fly is about 5mm. But I can't get a good picture closer ... although it didn't move away when I approached, but the built in flash casts a shadow when the Tamron lens is fully extended at 1:1

Now, the next thing I'll need is probably an external speedlight ... perhaps the SB 600 ?

This was taken handheld, without any flash. I can't believe it turned out so well. The bee's about 5mm big.

Or maybe I need some closeup filters instead ?


angel said...

Hou leng!

But but I still wanna see macro or micro shots worrrrrrrrrrr...

Yerrrr... post the pics here also lar... share2 mar.. :(

Applegal said...

Waaaaaa! I like the lotus photo, and the bee photo :D Amazing stuff! Bee kissing a flower, hahaha, with pollen sacs on its legs too. Makes it look like it's wearing bell bottoms!

pelf said...

Ei, I love that cactus shot! So artsy-fartsy, hahahaha..

And yes, you do have a readership, so stop saying you don't coz it's rude. Muahaha.. I'm like a teacher now :)

And when you come to KT, perhaps you can help me take some beautiful shots of the terrapins? Kkakaa... :)

may said...

why not? I love macro shots! enough of those landscapes and wide-angle ones. macro is where life is! ;)

Infectioner said...


moz monster said...

=) ... not holding the pose anymore meh ??

not that i don't want to share more ... but just look at infectioner's response ...

I later identified this bee to be called "Elvis". So, the bell bottom is not unexpected =)

I hope both you and angel understand it's all tongue in cheek when I refer to people like you as my imaginary readership. 30 visitors a day is certainly not a large readership.


Maybe i shouldn't pay too much attention to what some of you might feel. It's my blog after all ... lemme put in here what I wanna put !

Hardly your cup of tea, I take it.

Well, like it or not, that's the direction I'm heading ...