11 April 2007

More Pics to Feast On

Place: Eye On Malaysia, Lake Titiwangsa, Malaysia
Time: Evening, last Sunday
Partner in Crime: The Girlfriend.

Equipment: Nikon D80 with 18-135 kit lens and tripod.

Click on the images to see a bigger picture.

It was really unplanned, and last minute, but I liked it anyways because it gave me the chance to work the long exposures and also to learn about the telephoto capabilities of the Nikon kit lens. Not too bad, I must say.

There's so much to learn ! I'm so new to the world of DSLR, and I'm still trying to understand the camera and be "one" with it.

Let me know what you guys think, ya ?

There was a crowd there, but I didn't feel like climbing into the Eye for some reason.

From here, it's more like a table fan instead.

The big wheels are hitting KLCC soon !!!! Run !!!

When they switched off the lights, the eye no longer looked like a table fan.

Nice view from here. Too bad there's like a few billion mosquitos that forced us away !


Applegal said...

Waaaa, it really looks like my kipas worr! Some more spinning so fast! Nice shots!

angel said...

Wai... I still posing worrrr...
*penat menunggu*
*go find inevitable liao*

You didn't take the shot inevitable took? The one with the Eye, KLCC & Istana Budaya altogether-gather. That one is nice...

may said...

I am so humbled... I absolutely love the photos you took!

pelf said...

WHOA! I *heart* the second and third pictures.. So artistic :)

Jemima said...

Wah! If it really spins like a fan, I can't imagine the effects la...hehe

Very nice pics, Moz. :)

Inevitable said...

Moz, try going there before 7, use fluorescent as white balance. You'll get a magnificent orange sky just before the sunsets...

I actually have a lot of photos of the eye as well as the fireworks but no time to post lah.
I know my blog like bankrupt already lately... sighh

meendee said...

Nice pics, me likey #1 best! It's something different from the rest I've seen ;)

Infectioner said...

damn dizzy @.@

Che-Cheh said...

3rd picture is super 'cool'.

moz monster said...

Really? Wah ... your kipas must be very expensive and exclusive then =P


Eh ... how many time I have to snap your picture??

No leh ... too many mosquitos ... and lazy to walk to other side also ...

Ha? I am absolutely humbled by what you can do with webpages too !!!

Thanks ! Next time in KL, you should call me ... then can do photo shoots together !

Thanks !

If it spins like a fan, I think Michael Jackson will come to KL to make music videos !

Hahaha ... didn't realise you use that trick. Yeah, flourescene white balance adds warmth - because it tries to remove green that is present in flourescent light.

Another trick for nice sunshine is to do a velvia color mixer in photoshop / GIMP or to set hue to +3 degrees or stronger in the D40.

*rolls out red carpet* Welcome to my humble blog !

I learnt the channel mixer trick from your journal ! Cool !

After 7-1 ? Or because of photos ?

Thanks ! That's why I love the 18-135 lens ... it's a good telephoto lens, and I especially like it in the dark.

Winn said...

hwo come ur pic so nice one? u edited ar? or fresh from the oven

alison said...

elo, dunno if u already know, anyway just sharing, can visit http://www.velocity-media.net/forums/

photography section, great place to learn, they have a monthly teh tarik (TT) gathering, very fun people, learn many stuff about cameras. i've been there many times with husband, can see so many cameras and lenses (but beware can "kena poison" oso). DCM (Digital Camera Magazine, from them) a good read too.

have fun with photography! :)

moz monster said...

Tenkiu !!!!

No photoshopping. Just baked one !!! Only reduce size and add watermark !

Thanks for the link ! This sounds like just the thing I need !

Winn said...

rainbow is back!

Will said...

whoa... lovely pics