15 April 2007

On To Singapore

Flight delayed in KLIA.

Nice songs with some frozen coffee helps lift the mood.

Free Internet and chat with my sunshine lifts the mood even further !

Before I get whacked for these pics ... I have to say they're not taken with the D80.


Applegal said...

More more! :D I see a mini KL Tower!

Jemima said...

From Sri Lanka to Singapore.

Where to next, my friend? :p

angel said...

But got bring D80 anot??

nyonyapenang said...

D80 or not...the pics looks nice too.

moz monster said...

Wow ... eagle eyes !!!

I've some photos from the hotel room I'm in ... I'll post those later =)

Wherever the boss sends me, Jems ...

No D80 wor ... because this is a business trip, and I don't want to risk D80 travelling without having proper bag for it first.

Thank you for look me up !!! =)

may said...

D80 or not, those photos are good la... even if it's of the airport! :P

Winn said...

then got bring D24? the durian:P

Ellone said...

So nice, can travel to so many countries ! =)

moz monster said...

Thanks =) ....

I think those photos are not very good ... but thanks for the words of encouragement !

No larrrr ... I bring the Win24 !!!

For work hor ... no time to go play play one lor ... or even look see look see ...