02 April 2007

Off to Sri Lanka

Following the lull in travel that followed since Chinese New Year, some friends of mine got the impression that either I've switched to a non-travelling job, or the there's no more travelling required anymore.

Now, that's quite untrue.

I'm kicking off what appears to be quite a lot of travelling starting tomorrow: Sri Lanka.

I'm hoping fervently that Colombo will be a peaceful trip. I personally don't mind the trip, but I know loved ones who've voiced concerns about making this trip. As a result, it's a lot like a pit stop - in-and-out.

I'll go in, do the necessary, and get out. Until I know better, no sightseeing, and no detour. It'll be strictly between the hotel and the meetings.

Don't get me wrong though: I'm excited to be in Sri Lanka, and look forward to broadening my horizons. I always travel with an open mind. And even though this is a business trip, it doesn't remove the excitement one bit. I look forward to it, and for the sake of my loved ones, look forward to my return as well.

And further in the year, if things unfold the way it's meant to, there will be trips all around the region. Looks like the travel's gearing up again !

It's such an exciting time !!!


angel said...

Bon Voyage! Take care! Dun let the ar neh neh tangkap liu... take pictures!

pelf said...

You know what to do arr?! Take pictures! Hahhaa.. *echos Angel*

Applegal said...

Take care, come back safely!

Winn said...

come back!!!...

u brought ur expensive camera?:P

Infectioner said...

good lor go Sri Lanka.. go there can play cricket.. lol..

Ellone said...

Enjoy ya..and more pictures of course!

may said...

you're finally off, eh? enjoy your trip, even if it's just for business. gotta fit in some kind of pleasure la... hmmm, in-house "massage"? *grin*

take care and have a safe trip!

Jemima said...

Have a safe trip & enjoy yourself. :)

Looking forward to your pics.

JL said...

Go Sri Lanka must eat See Hum chow La La ;P

Have fun and pictures please! ^_^

Che-Cheh said...

Sri Lanka is interesting place no matter you're there for business or pleasure. Enjoy the sound, smell, sense... :)

moz monster said...

I won't let ar neh neh tangkap me wan !!! I got ready oredi !!! I bought your pikcher - if anyone wan to tangkap me, I'll gip them your pikcher instead =) ... sure let me go wan !

Ok ok ... I try to take pictures !

I will !!! Thanks !!! *hugs*

No larrrrrr ..... if I bring the camera, the trip must have at least 1 weekend ! Else, no point. This trip is just working and meetings !

No larrrr ... I come to Sri Lanka to drink coconut and eat curry ! =)

So far, the only pictures I have is just ... well ... tuk-tuks !

Wat massat ? No i-Massat here lah ... =)

I'll try my best ... just brought the digital compact here ...

see hum chow la la woh ??? ok ... *looks through the in room dining menu*

I like the Galle Road already ... it's a seaside road that's simply stunning. Too bad I won't have any chance to check it out ... but I'll take pictures whenever I can.

Inevitable said...

i will be in manila this sunday... hopefully the terrorists all go sleep while i am there...

moz monster said...

Manila? Terrorist? Eh ... mana ada? Manila is reasonably safe lar brader ...

Take care, have fun ! And don't forget to visit Havana at Greenbelt. It's where the crowd goes ! And have a mojito while you're there !