31 March 2007

D80: A few more photos

With very little to do this morning, feeling lazy, and not having much to do, I decided to learn a bit more about my D80.

A few more shots to share with my 3 imaginary readers ...

My favorite subject: water lilies and lotus. Too bad my lotus and water lily plants don't always bloom at the same time. Anyone know how to make the lotus flower all year long?

I like how the background turns out fuzzy and soft.

The bees keep coming ... question is, where's the beehive ?

And my clothes line ... it's a small front yard ... there isn't a lot to photograph, you know ...


Applegal said...

The first photo's really nice! I actually like the bees one as well, if you could crop out the space.

imaginary reader no. 2 said...

I'm still waiting & posing here, you know...

*rolls eyes*

Infectioner said...

this blog is slowly becoming a photoblog.. haha

pelf said...

Pretty :)

Are you happy now that you have FOUR readers, including me?

Jemima said...

Your photography skill is like old wine...gets better everyday. :)

Che-Cheh said...

Nice... show us more photos. :D

Winn said...

can i use ur camera lense as my glasses? so that every image i look at will looks better ;p

Ellone said...

So cool to have D80 !
I want one too =(

moz monster said...

Crop out bees ? Oh ... Ok ...

*crop crop*
*snip snip*

imaginary reader no. 2:

See? Pweetty picture ...

If that's what it's turning out to be, so be it .. !

Dear fourth imaginary reader,

I thank you for visiting the blog ... =P

How's it going? Everything is ok?

Thanks ! Such a compliment !! I'm still learning about this camera ... so much more to learn !

Hope to share even better pictures in times to come !

Hehehe ... let's exchange - you show me your Mount K photos first !

*take out lenses and passes it to winn*

got see better anot? you need autofocus CPU engine larrr to use it ... =P

It's great to have one. But now, I have to peddle illegal DVDs to pay for it !

*tsk tsk*

Applegal said...

No no, crop out the space, leave the bees ;)