29 March 2007

And now ... to the next goal

March is the month I started to work. About 9 years ago, in late March, I took on my first job.

So many goals, expectations, hopes and wishes all rolled into my working life.

This month, I unexpectedly received some great news. About work.

When I was a young Moz, mum used to tell me that I should study hard. Once I have finished my studies, I would be able to chase my dreams. Make true what I wanted. What do you want, she always asked.

Being a young and naive Moz, I never knew the true meaning of money. Or how hard it is to earn. I just know that we never had enough. We weren't very well to do at all, you see. So, I always gave her the same answer: I want to make lots of money. I will earn so-and-so amount every month.

Ever the patient and loving mother, she would always smile at that answer. I'm not sure now if she was smiling because she thought I was naive, or whether she thought it was impossible.

Well, mum. I made that dream come true. The great news I told you folks earlier, that's me being informed I'm making so-and-so amount every month now.

I've never told anyone this, so I don't know why I'm telling the whole world now - I've never forgotten that goal, that dream. While I didn't mean it when I blurted it out as a child, I did make it a goal when I came out to work.

There wasn't any timelines. There wasn't any pressure. It was always meant to be a goal just beyond reach so that I'd always be chasing something. It keeps me alive that way. It keeps me hungry for more.

Granted, money doesn't buy happiness, but I'm pretty happy I'm here now. I have been so fortunate. I am so fortunate. I wonder why I even blurted out that it sucks to be me. It doesn't. I'm not the wealthiest person in the world, or even in my neighbourhood, but I'm not the poorest either. And even when if one day, all my material possessions are gone, I'd have my family's love. That means I'll never be poor. The love from my family is all that I need.

One other thing I've been taught when I was just a junior Moz: you never stop setting goals. Every mountain you've conquered just means there's another mountain, another valley, another river or ocean you have to conquer after that. Life is meant to be like that. There are no shortcuts.

I'm now setting myself another goal. I need it to keep myself alive and hungry. I hope somewhere in my lifetime, I'll so to it that I can reach this goal, so that I can set another. And this goal has nothing to do with money. It's all about family.

I love you, mum. I love you, dad. Because of both your unwavering support and understanding, it had been possible for me to get here. Now, sit back and enjoy life, while I get about to my next goal.