12 March 2007

Streamyx lagi down

If it ain't down, it ain't Streamyx.

This is the second Streamyx downtime in less than a month. Patience is running thin.

Internet related leisure activities have been suspended pending resumption of proper Internet access from home. This means no blog hopping, no commenting, no blog reading, no new entries.

It sucks to be me.

And if Streamyx doesn't get fixed soon, it'll suck to be the TMNet Customer Service person answering my phone call.


Infectioner said...

how come you always down but I didn't wan? maybe memang muka punya pasal XD

may said...

that sounded like me when I first came here, LoL! except I had internet access at work, so it wasn't too bad. hope your connections back up and good again soon.

angel said...

U got Error 691 or 760? :P I experienced that last week but luckily sekejap oni...

pelf said...

Err.. Either you don't like Streamyx, or Streamyx doesn't like you. But then again, how "rude or bad" can Moz be when talking to the Customer Care guy? Hhehe :)

Applegal said...

Poor Mozzie :( Don't shorten your lifespan yelling at the customer service person!

Breathe, and think of nice things, like a beach, an island, a malibu in hand, a beautiful sunset, a gorgeous babe bouncing along the waves in a teeny weeny bikini, hahahahaha ;)

moz monster said...

I think it's because the Streamyx people are Man U fans lor ... so we Liverpool fans always kena from them one lor.

They have to understand the enemy is actually Chelski, not Glorious Liverpool ...

I have Internet access at work too ... but I'm supposed to be working, no?

It's back now !

My error is : "Moz Yeung Sui" ... *uwaaaaa*

I actually admire Streamyx. I admire their ability to lie through their teeth and let the whole Malaysia think they're doing Malaysia a service ...


Sunset ... YEESSSS !!!
Malibu in Hand ..... YEEEEEESSS !!!
Nice beach on an island ..... YYYYYESSSS !!!
Gorgeous babe in skimpy bikini .... OHHHHH YEAAAAAAHHHHHH !!!

Jemima said...

Maybe it's school holidays. The kids are hogging the line.

Che-Cheh said...

My dialup is super wonderful. Hiak! hiak! hiak!

moz monster said...

Nah ...

I think the schoolkids took over Streamyx and is actually running it !

You're still using dialup ???

Wow ... sounds carbon dated. I need to do an article about pre-historic people ... can I interview you ?