24 March 2007

No longer sucks to be me ...

A week ago, it sucks to be me.

Now, it no longer sucks to be me. I'm so thankful for the support, and words of encouragement from both friends and bloggers alike. It makes me feel that I would never have to face a challenge alone.

Apologies to friends who hasn't heard from me, and bloggers whom I have neglected to leave comments at their blogs. This has been one of the most 'action packed' weeks I've gone through.

A week seems so short, but so many things can happen in that little span of time ...

I have so many things I want to blog, but I just don't have the energy and alertness. So, here's a real quick update:

  • Nikon D80. I have one now. =)
  • Car kena scratch in parking. Dunno who did it, but it's a white car. =(
  • Was in a 2hr 45min commute from home to KL. Someone, tell me KL isn't Bangkok. Yet.
  • Regional Conference for my company was in KL. Became a host, and had a generally great time. But damn busy, and tiring, doing a day job, and looking after other participants.
  • Got a great pay increment.
  • Former neighbour died ini car accident
  • Did first photo shoot with D80. Damn happy. But lots to learn.
  • In Sri Lanka next week ...

I'll blog more about some of these when I find the time. You could probably see from the list why my feelings are mixed right now.

But I'd like to just say this about my former neighbour who passed on:

I know we haven't been close for a long time now, but I still grieve your passing. All souls have a home. It's a place called heaven. And all souls in heaven have a place in hearts of people whom they have touched.


angel said...

Did you get the box of raisin I twitter-threw over to you?

I'm sure u know I waaa-ed @ wat! :P

*strikes a Pose*
Fai tikkk!!

Another death... *sigh*
And I like the last sentence...
*jots it down...*

Have a good trip!

may said...

glad to hear that it's getting better for you, yea? and congrats on getting that increment! enjoy your Sunday and have a good trip to Sri Lanka!

my condolences to your neighbour's family and loved ones for their los...

pelf said...

I was actually considering getting a Nikon D80 too!! And others like Nikon D40, Canon 350D, Canon 400D...

Ei, show us the pictures you took la! Quick!!!

JL said...

D80! sweet!

hope you're feeling better buddy...

Cheer up!

Have a safe trip to Sri Lanka

Infectioner said...

KL isn't Bangkok yet

Will said...

see... life ain't that sucky afterall :P

moz monster said...


See my latest D80 review ! See if can spot the difference.

Sri Lanka trip off liao ... but I'm continuing to feel good.

Check out the review.

The D80 is a great camera. But there's always that tradeoff - it'll be expensive, heavy and if you don't know your photography, it's really a lot of money for a camera.

Thanks for the wishes, but Sri Lanka tak jadi !

But D80 is really great.

infected one:
Thanks. KL will turn into Bangkok someday.

You're right !!!! Life does have an upside !