01 November 2006

What difference time makes

Yesterday, while waiting for my turn to be served at the KFC counter near my office, I overheard a little conversation behind me in the queue.

Two college girls and a college guy (I'm making an assumption they're from college based on their appearance, clothing and demenour) were debating which KFC meal deal they should get to maximize their $$$.

Was this the best deal for their $$$?
What if they mixed this meal with that?
What about the drinks?
How much would 1 piece of chicken come up to?
What if they didn't take any meals?
Or could they just get sky juice?

That conversation sounded familiar. About 10 years ago, me and my friends from college would have sounded EXACTLY like that.

Despite what people say about rich college kids and how the younger folks have more $$$, I realise there are many more who just get by with a modest budget. 10 years ago, KFC meal is for ocassions like when you finish your exams, when a friend is dropping out of college, on someone's birthday - you know, the special ocassions.

Today, if I choose to (and I don't) ... I can have KFC meals whenever I want to. What a difference 10 years make.

I'm thankful for all the hard knocks I have taken, and I'm thankful for all the lessons I had to learn. And I look forward to the knocks and the lessons that I will have to go through in the future. Mum always said that if as a baby, we were all afraid to fall when learning to walk, we'd all be a race of crawlers ...

Each one made me that much better, that much smarter, and that much more thankful for my life.

And that's what growing up is all about, isn't it?

One year ago, around this day, I was feeling really bad about myself, and about my life. Read the archives for 2005. You might see a much darker side to me sticking out from time to time.

No more. What difference time makes.


Ellone said...

Life's like that i guess.
Everyone has to walk through things like that.

Fashionasia said...

hehe..ya...KFC used to be like the "celebration" venue...only get to eat KFC on special occasions!

Jemima said...

I like the "pick-me-up" message in this post. ;)

Now, Jemima also says "No more. What difference time makes."

Lotz of Thanks & HUGS!

angel said...

Life is Good, aye? ;)

*yam seng muaks*

Inevitable said...

You are getting old, uncle... hahaha.

moz monster said...

I just hope I'm not walking in circles !!! =p

I still do KFCs on special ocassions only. The only difference is, the definition of special ocassions have changed. Nowadays, just about any ocassion can be a special ocassion !! =)

Time does heal. But first we have to let it go ourselves ...

Hugs to you too ...

yam seng muaks? do i return with a kampai muaks then?

Life isn't all that good. But the attitude and outlook is much improved ... =)

Not old.

Matured. Aged. Got better.

You know what they say about aged wine. That's me. =p

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm!! no new story since Nov2....what is happening? :D

Che-Cheh said...

Celebrate life everyday.

moz monster said...

Just updated !!! Hehe ... but it's an interactive post (I hope) ... so, what's good in Hanoi ?

I celebrate life as often as I can. The problem is life usually don't celebrate me ...