09 November 2006

30 Things You Don't Know About Moz: #4

Ah ... the irregular 30 Things You Don't Know About Moz posts is about to get a shot in the arm: an entry.

Look folks, please flood me with memes and tags because I'm really running low on ideas for new entries. The politics in this country hasn't been yielding anything really funny to write about. There aren't any big news I can make fun about. *Sigh*

Anyways ... in this new, irrelevant, and disinformative post about Moz, you're about to discover that Moz is an aromatheraphy fan ...

Yup, imagine scented candles and joss sticks burning fragrantly in Moz's room.

And on the subject of joss sticks, daisy commented about one of my pictures in the Green Monster post. Green Monster was me submitting my assignment to angeliuliu - I needed to post 6 mindless but color coordinated pictures to fulfill the assignment.

The first picture was a close up of my joss stick holder. daisy mentioned it was chan yang - that's cruel in cantonese for the unititiated.

Er ... it's a ceramic joss stick holder I got as a present from one of my friends who visited me and tumpanged in my apartment when I was working in Bangkok. It's really harmless ... I can assure daisy that no animals were harmed in the making of the joss stick holder.


Oh, he's called Wibbit. And he's smiling too !!!


Che-Cheh said...

Awww Wibbit is so cute.

Share with us some aromatheraphy tips pls.

Wingz said...

eh u like aromatheraphy??? come come i bring u go join lampar barger!!!

angel said...

LOL @ sayapz!

*ribbit ribbit*

Joss stick holder? Not called incense holder?

What aroma u likes?

Jemima said...

Hi Wibbit!
I like your smile. :)

pelf said...

Ouh, it IS cute alright, though I really don't fancy frogs, hahahha :)) And yea, I was thinking, maybe you don't call the incense "joss-sticks" :)

moz monster said...

Joss stick is a type of incense stick. There shouldn't be any problems using the word joss stick ... although it is more commonly used to denote the incense sticks used in religious ceremonies

Maybe I should name Wibbit more formally, hor ... Wibbit Bennington ?? =P

Taikor ... that lampu barger thingy I don't believe lor ... I only small time aromatheraphy guy ... using more of the Ikea scented candles =P

There's an aroma called 'opium' .... waaah ... high ah, that one ...

*eh, but not the opium as in the drug, hor*

You're right - it's got a really nice smile ...

Haha ... unfortunately, I don't think I saw any turtle or terrapins joss/incense stick holder in the markets of Bangkok.

Infectioner said...

I think Moz have statuephilia -___-||

moz monster said...

I learnt from you mah, the master himself. So, see foo, how did I do ? =P