17 November 2006

Oh ... my mozPod ...

Some sins, you can repent and maybe forgiven for committing.

Some sins, you simply have to wait out in the purgatory of guilt.

Yet some other sins, you simply have to conquer with retail theraphy. I committed one in this category ...

When sometime last month, I decided to part ways with the first MozPod, a 4GB iPod Mini which had served me well for more than a year, I never imagined the guilt that I would face.

True, I wanted to sell it because I want the new iPod nano ... but I sold it first without replacing it immediately, because iPods are more expensive in Malaysia. I was waiting for a trip to Singapore or Hong Kong where it's cheaper ...

But the trips never came !!!! ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!

So, when I got this package hand delivered to me by a colleague who came in from Singapore ... I was deliriuos with joy ... it costs SGD331 from the airport duty free ... which prices it around RM 790. Compare that to the Malaysian price of RM939.

I hereby christen you ... MozPod Jr. You are from a lineage of impeccable pedigree. You are born to please, to serve and to play nice songs to Moz ...

It's sooooooOOOoOoooOOooOoooOOOOOOOoooo small, a 1 ringgit note easily outsize it. Heck, you can make a simple, economical wrapper for the iPod nano using a 1 ringgit note. And it's really cheap ... only 1 ringgit.

I love this iPod - the menus are better, and improved compared to the previous MozPod's. And it's so smalll. Just looks at it when placed next to the skin of the old MozPod ... it's teeny ...

Did I mention it's small?


Che-Cheh said...

Hello MozPod Jr! (waves)

Btw MozPod 'Sugar dad', why you choose MozPod instead of MozCreative?

Applegal said...

Wow, looks really small and nice :)

angel said...

alaaa... eksyen... :P

Infectioner said...

I oso wan one :(

moz monster said...

*answered by MozPod Jr. himself*

Hi che-cheh !!! (waves back)

MozPod geng.
MozPod small.
MozPod stylish.
MozPod sound quality better.
MozPod interface better.
MozPod click wheel nice to use.
MozPod software interface (iTunes) better.

*answered by MozPod Jr. himself*

Thanks. Don't you want one too?

*answered by MozPod Jr. himself*

Not showing off la ... introducing me to you mah ... I heard you want to play play with me, check me out somemore ... izzit?


*answered by MozPod Jr. himself*

Start saving now !!! And get one for Chinese New Year !!! =)