12 November 2006

How do you do Sundays?

Sundays. Sien. The last day of your weekend. The day before the blues hit again. That day.

I was really caught in a bind today. Dunno what to do. Caught in the classic Sunday dillema. How lah?

I don't like to shop, so you can scrap retail theraphy. I am very mindful of where my $$$ end up, so you'll find me super budget concious. And no fun to shop with, anyway.

The weather sucked too. Right around 2 pm everyday, or maybe just a little later, heaven would open up. Rain. Every golfer's worst nightmare. Even if it doesn't dump water during your game, you can bet that most courses in Malaysia can't handle all that water, and you end up with very damp, muddy courses. Sien.

Add to that the fact that it usually rained around the same time when I jog, and you get a double whammy.

That sucky weather affects Astro reception. I wonder which brilliant soul thought that all Malaysians should have satellite TV systems, fully aware that we live in a place where rain is common. So much for TV. Triple whammy.

Eat out? Nah, besides my bulging tummy and my hurt wallet, I'm not a great fan of eating out. Not when in town anyways.

So, today, I signed up at Fitness First ... and decided that if I can't do anything else, I should do something for myself. Lately, I have not been feeling as energetic as I could be. And I felt like my stamina could improve a little.

And of course, 2 years off the gym and travelling to all the places in the world with great food meant that I put on the pounds. I'm way off my ideal body weight, and I think I should start working out now, while it's still possible for me to get rid of those excess fat.


angel said...

TOLD you that you NEED a gf...

C u at the gym!

Che-Cheh said...

Happy 'kam fei'.
And I agree with Angel. Go find a gf. Fitness First got a lot of leng lui hor!

irenelim said...

haha, i also joint the fitness first last 2 months, but now stop to go. why? my little girl need me so much at home. aii..

sunday, we used to go makan, shopping , or play badminton, watch movies.

moz monster said...

c u @ the gym too. so, when u do yoga / body exercise? hehe ... i do cardio one ... mostly treadmill and bike lah ... once in a while you'll see an ugly guy doing sit up. it might not be me, but it could be me too.

wat all this gurlfren gurlfren thing? no gurlfren kenot have interesting life one meh?

hehe ... yeah ... happy kam fei to me too. i managed to jog around 3-4 kms on the treadmmill yesterday in about 30 minutes. need to pick up some speed ...

eleh ... u all ask me to find gurlfren .. u introduce some gurls to me lah ...

yeah, i can see how some busy schedule and family needs can get in the way of gym time. however, i'm single, so i should have less excuse.

hehe ... i banned cinema already for 6 months since my superman incident, and i don't play badminton because i'm really bad at it. but thanks for sharing your weekend routine !!

Jemima said...

It doesn't matter what day of the week, what month or what season or where or whether we're alone or with ppl we love. Life is simply how we live it.

Take care & HUGS!

angel said...

interesting life? ei, ekskuzi moi, who's the one complaining sien on a sunday har? har? harrrr???

i'm going to the gym tomorrow for Body Balance ;)

moz monster said...

me no go gym today ... me in KL.

I sunday sien becos u no ajak me makan mah ... sien ...