10 September 2006

Top Ten Signs You're Suffering from Blogger's Block

Man, you can't even start imagining how tortured I am not being able to update this blog more often ... you don't know how hopeless I felt all those nights, just being able to browse the Net without finding much to blog about. And you don't really want me to rattle off about how impossibly boring and intense work was, right?

The long hours at work trying to clear the in-tray did not help as well ... it's just a major torture ... I'm sure with a bit of time, I can coax something out of my fatigued brain, but with the long hours, sleep obviously takes precedence.

I looked into my photo archives, and thought about posting some of those. I'm sure no one's seen much of the Thailand photos I have, right? But ... that was so ... uninspiring. I'll use 'em sometime else when I can actually write something useful instead.

I wanted to write top ten lists about current affairs in the country, but I wanna stay away from political matters. The way things are now, I could end up in the slammer if I'm not careful.

And I'm back in Malaysia, so not much I can blog about that you don't already know ... it's not like I'm in Sydney or some other gorgeous country ... so ... it's official, I guess ... I have blogger's block.

So, the techie in me decided to analyse the problem, and see where it all went wrong. The soul searching resulted in a list of excuses. It's called the Top Ten Signs You're Suffering from Blogger's Block ..

  • The most interesting subject you can think of - "And so, I watched my toenails grow ..."
  • You start drafting entries, but never go beyond the 4th sentence.
  • The thought of doing a bimbo entry actually crossed my mind ... "Oh .. Look, what beautiful nails I have ..."
  • In a moment of weakness, you wanted to just go to some fancy restaurant and order something really expensive so that you can blog about it.
  • You start complaining to anyone who would listen that there aren't enough people doing stupid things for you to write silly Top Ten lists about. I mean, where are all the silly people?
  • Suddenly, the idea of writing an entry about THAT tatto, you know, the one down THERE, doesn't seem like such a bad idea, after all.
  • Er .... er ... er .... hehe .... er ....
  • You were actually praying for someone to tag you with a meme of some sort. I mean, where the hell are all the memes when you need 'em?
  • The only Top Ten list you can create is one about blogger's block.
  • Your nick is Moz Monster


angel said...

Tiok boh??? Why not blog abt the Aussie chicks? Neh, the one u say very chun wan... O.o

*muaks from the Tower Bridge*

Jemima said...

Moz got blogger's block???
No, he hasn't. This is still a post - not just any post but a Top 10 post. ;)

Inevitable said...

Got aussie chick meh? Tell tell...

pelfyeen said...

Post some of your pictures la. Frankly speaking, you don't look like you're 30 years old. In your post "one more year", the first picture from right (first row) looks as if you're a fresh graduate. No kidding! (i am a journalist-to-be, I therefore cannot tell lies. Muahaha!!)

Che-Cheh said...

LOL that's a good top ten. See see mana ada blogger's block ?

moz monster said...

angeliu You mean THAT cun Aussie girl ah? You blog about THAT hensem Engrand man first lah, okie?

jemima It's quite positive - it's a blogger's block. How come I'm sure? It felt like a blocked nose ... still can breathe, but not quite clear ..

inevitable She veli pweety lor ...

pelfyeen *Kembang* ... shucks ... now I feel 18 all over again !!! Minus all the additional pounds !!

che-cheh Got block lah ... *nods head* ... see Top Ten Sign #1 ...

Infectioner said...

so you want to do meme? CHECKED

moz monster said...

infectioner: bring it on ... gimme something to write about !!