27 September 2006

Top Ten Malaysian Astronauts Questions

I'm excited. Frankly, I couldn't have imagined that one day, in about a year, Malaysians would send Astronauts into space. It's one of those flag waving, chest thumping gestures that we do - again - without any thoughts as to whether we really need it or not. It's just like we have a checkbox we need to tick that goes ... Astronauts?

I guess it's inevitable. We Malaysians do lots of these things, anyways. Do you really think the longest pulut in the world matter anyways?

Still, I'm excited. Having Malaysians in space would be quite an "achievement" and a reason to give a few more datukships, I guess. And the perfect ad placement for Astro ... Malaysian Astronauts - sponsored by Astro. Fwuah .... even has a nice ring, man. Eh ... if Astro ever does this, remember, it's MY idea.

So, I follow that the final 2 candidates are training in Moscow now. I'm sure it's pretty tough, pretty exciting, and a time to learn plenty of things.

I've gathered what I think must be the Top Ten Malaysian Astronaut Questions, things our dear Astronauts (or is it Cosmonauts, since it's the Russians we're flying with? ) ...

  • Is it ok to bring durians to space?
  • What about some sambal tumis? Ok to bring that to space? Please?
  • Eh ... what happen if I get itchy and need to scratch myself while I'm in my space suit?
  • Can I still send SMS votes to my favorite Akademi Fantasia contestant or not?
  • So, tell me guys, where's the smoking break hangout place?
  • So, where do we go for our daily mamak once we're up there?
  • Will you show me where got cheap DVD when we're up there? Clear or not? I want DVD9 one hor ...
  • Er ... we are supposed to cover the moon with the Jalur Gemilang, no? Neh ... the solar system's largest flag project that one?
  • You call that a moonwalk? This is a moonwalk *does Michael Jackson's moonwalk*
  • Dude, do we get to lepak a bit on the moon, and maybe, say, take some pictures?


Jemima said...

Question 11:
"How do we make a cup of teh tarik in space?" ;)

Inevitable said...

That project is a waste of money.

It is like a trip in Star Cruise to 'International Water' and then back to Port Klang few hundred bucks poorer thanks to the casino in the ship. And when people ask,
"Ei, you've been in any cruise before"
"Where to?"

moz monster said...

jemima: Ya ... or how to make Roti Canai in space ??? =)

inevitable: My turn to use monosyllibic responses ... Aye !!