25 September 2006

One week in a blink ...

I'm trying to reassure my 7 daily readers. Yes, I only have 7 readers, 4 of them probably getting redirected unwillingly from some mad search engine. Anyways, no side tracking ...

I've been busy the past week. That's why there weren't any blogs. Here's what happened:-

Sunday - Friend from Thailand came. Went jalan-jalan & makan-makan all over KL.

Monday a. m. - Training in a prestigious hotel in KL. Colleagues from all over ASEAN here.
Monday p.m. - Colleagues from ASEAN demanded company during dinner. Ended up in Sri Hartamas.

Tuesday a.m - Training continues ... still not wireless access in the hotel. Nabeh.
Tuesday p.m. - Colleagues from ASEAN demanded KLCC dinner. Then demanded pub hopping. Half drunk.

Wednesday a.m - Training finishes.
Wednesday p.m. - Meets with customer. Gets scolded. Consoled self with drinks and tapas at La Bodega.

Thursday a.m. - Meetings all day. Achieved nothing, but took down pages upon pages of notes.
Thursday p.m. - Dinner with partner. Nope. Just business partner.

Friday a.m. - Conference calls, frantic meetings, preparations, etc.
Friday p.m. - Meeting with potential customer. Got home early. ZZzzzZZ ... mamak with angeliu.

Saturday ... Tired .... zzzz ....

And that, my dear 7 readers, is a week in a Moz Monster's life.

One highlight of the week was dinner on Thursday night at Ye Chine on Jalan Doraisamy ... along the so called Asian Heritage Row. Great food, excellent service and supreme ambience for a Chinese Restaurant. The Manager was also very accomodating, making dishes not in the menu to suit our preferences, and also giving my the CD of the background music played in the restaurant ... I'm definately won over. A little pricey, though. Reviews here and here.


angel said...

Pikcher! Pikcher! Pikcherrrr!

Jemima said...

Hahaha.. Am I 3 out of 7? ;)

Have a great week, Moz.

Inevitable said...


moz monster said...

angel: Pikcher? Pikcher of what ??? Me in a training in a prestigious KL hotel ?

jemima: If you read between the lines, I'm really saying I have 3 readers only ... and yes, I figure you're one of 3 readers ... =)

inevitable: Huh ??