26 September 2006

Am I too optimistic or what ?

I originally drafted another entry for today, but during dinner and the subsequent coffee session with an old friend, the topic of today's conversation resonated so deeply in me I had to blog about this instead.

Without going too deeply into the actual conversation, we spoke about all sorts of things. You know, old friends who haven't met each other for a while - you can imagine all the things we'll talk about.

However, for the most part of the conversation, this friend talked about the frustration, the pessimism and the lack of believe in Malaysia. And it resonated deeply in me because I've had a few friends speak in the same manner on this subject in other coffee sessions.

Whoa !!! Am I missing something? Am I too caught up in work?

I don't totally feel in synch ... and but I don't totally disagree with this person's point.

And the thing that strikes me most is that this is a sentiment echoed to me by many peers of mine. People up and coming in their career, from all strata of Malaysian society, from all backgrounds. People from my age group.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel and see more of the world than just Malaysia. I have seen the bad, I have seen the good. And so too many of my friends.

I definately see the shortcomings, and I definately see the attempts to cover up, to butter things up, to try and provide an alternative view of the situation. In short, propaganda. It happens everywhere, folks.

I feel that we have lots to improve, but the keyword is WE. You and me.

What these people have all been telling me is that they don't believe they have been involved. Their feedback is not important. Their voices are either suppresed or discouraged. They don't feel safe in bringing about their criticsm.

I guess I see their point of view. I won't tell you where I stand, lest I get in trouble.

But this is what I have to say about the situation ...

We are who we are. A nation is but a nation in name if there are no people in there.

People today have a choice. They have options. With skills, with the right attitude, many argue that nationality doesn't matter. And you can see that many Malaysian have settled elsewhere. It's probably true that some settled elsewhere because of this same feeling, but that can't represent everyone, no?

In a way, it's true. I could have easily decided to work elsewhere, and would easily adapt and make that place home. Being a Malaysian holds no special meaning if Malaysia doesn't represent anything to me. I still treasure being Malaysian.

But I understand the feeling of many who feel they don't belong anymore.

If the voices of Malaysians count for nothing, what is the meaning of being Malaysian? I see their point of view.

"No taxation without representation" ... the famous words sparking the Boston Tea Party, a key trigger of the American Revolution.

I guess the sentiments of my many friends is reflected in this statement. They feel that since they're not given an opportunity to voice, and therefore, participate in building a better Malaysia, what's the point in being Malaysians? They feel they are being disadvantaged, and believe they stand better chances in other places where the playing field is perceived to be level.

Am I too optimistic? I have to question myself because I'm getting too much of these talk around me lately. Or maybe it's purely coincidental ... it's just the coffee shop discussion of the month?


angel said...

Hmmm... dejavu...

Jemima said...

If you ask the older folks, they will tell you that such talk has been around since before their time.

Anyway, what we choose to think about determines our perspective; our thoughts will be either a source of hope or a source of despair. In the same way that we have to control our tongue, we also must control our thoughts. Such is the reality of the country we live in.

That's just my 2 sens. ;)

Inevitable said...


moz monster said...

angliu: dejavuliu indeed ...

jemima: But can you ignore the wave of feelings that I seem to be swept up in? I hold on to my believes firmly, but I find I must question my faith based on the feelings of the people around me.

inevitable: Eh?