19 July 2006

World Cup Meme ..

Laksa tagged me, after installing me as a football pundit. The only thing I know about football is that it's round. Or is it? I'm pretty sure the football is round. OK. Maybe I can be a football pundit after all !!!

Your best World Cup experience?
Me sitting in front of the TV with my laptop, typing and working away while my dad was sitting next to me, telling me to stop working and enjoy football. A few tenders opened around the World Cup time, and closed during the World Cup. What it meant was that I had to miss many matches because of work, but I enjoyed every game I watched with my dad.

The best match?
The opening match between Germany and Costa Rica. That match set the tone for most of the World Cup. I also enjoyed Argentina's thrashing of Serbia and Montenegro.

Your favorite chant?

Haha ... England fans who taunted me with this chant at a karaoke outing ... weh ... serve you right !! Although Brazil didn't win, England crashed out just as well !!!

Most beautiful jersey?
Aren't those bright orange jerseys those guys from Ivory Coast just dandy? The "sweat trap" Azzuri jersey wasn't that bad either ...

Champion of the hearts?
I *heart* Ghana for all the great football they play. Now, if they start learning how to score ...

Best beer during the World Cup?
Carlsberg. And only when me and my dad had one together.

Most favorite player?
No one really lived up to my expectations. But if I had to chose one, I guess Zidane is a sentimental choice. He performed consistently from the latter part of the group stages up to the final. But he had to blow it all with that silly headbutt.

Hold you fire, Zidane fans. While I know there had been provocation, and I know it must have made his blood boil, I don't think he's got to respond that way.

Best moment on TV?
The joy of the German nation when Philp Lahm scored the first goal. And how Klinsi was jumping up and down with joy.

A close second is the moment England crashed out ... I was soooOOOOOoooo happy.

Worst moment on TV?
Shebbie Singh's commentaries. Couldn't Astro afford to hire a second commentator? Shebbie wasn't that bad, but with just him alone, it killed the show.

Did you enjoy it?
When I could enjoy the matches without the distraction of work, it was the best feeling in the world. However, I must admit I missed most of the latter matches due to work and my need for sleep. But yes, I enjoyed it still.

And now?
World Cup comes, World Cup goes. While it's a pity it'll be another 4 years before we get another dollop of football madness, I'm still regular Moz, so, no problems. My life didn't become more meaningful during World Cup, so I don't feel any loss now that it's over too.


Che-Cheh said...

I enjoyed reading your WC meme. :)

Amelia said...

Hear! Hear! Che-Cheh..

I really like your approach to this meme..definitely different from the ones that I've read.. :)

Btw, I'm looking forward to your post on Sydney.. :p

abe said...

wow, nicely written.

still in aussie? homesick? haha

Laksa said...

thanks for doing the meme - very well written indeed :)

Inevitable said...

Still WC meh?

moz monster said...

che-cheh: Thanks. The meme asked the question, I just answered ...

amelia: Thanks again. Credits to the meme - it's the interviewer, not the interviewee

abe: OK ... I'm getting worried now ... do I write bad posts all the time ??

laksa: No probs ... although I grumble and kick up a fuss, I'm normally ok with memes ... =)

inevitable: Not World Cup, no, but meme season? There is no meme season ... it simply goes on all year around.

cheng sim said...

dei. the best match is between Australia and Japan lah. haisyoh. that one was also the shittiest game ever. best jersey...JAPAN baby!! blue colour nice what. not nice meh?


moz monster said...

cheng sim: aiyoyo ... macha ... as far as Asian countries are concerned, I support Japan, but unlike you, I look at the football they play, not the football players. Understand or not, macha? Understand or not?

Samba, baby, samba !!!