15 July 2006

Long trip ahead

This will be one of those random posts that goes on rambling for a while without achieving very much. Bear with me ... I need to get it off my chest ...

I'll be travelling to Auckland later tomorrow morning, and will be spending a few days there before flying over to Australia where I would be based out of either Sydney or Melbourne for at least the next 3 weeks. In other words, I'll be away again ... *sigh*

These last minute trips are killing me ... I'm just back from HK, and now I have NZ and Australia to cover to. And I have so little time to prepare for whatever it is I'm trying to get done down there, there had been no expectations set, no paperwork, and frankly, I'm not sure what is expected of me. I'm just flying down there to look pretty. Well, that I can do ok .. =)

Still, I am happy with the chance to travel - I don't mind getting a chance to go to Auckland and enjoy a change in weather and also some haze free weather ... and I don't mind too going to Sydney during winter. Maybe I'll get to enjoy some snow in the Blue Mountains.

Blogging might be interrupted as I desperately try to catch up with work, but where possible, I'll share photos. I hope my winter clothings will be sufficient for me to battle the cold ... else, I'll have to go shopping again.

The KL-NZ flight will be via Sydney, and it'll start at 5am in KL and only wind up in Auckland by 11 pm. I think my leg's gonna be in for some punishment ...

I do hope to be able to meet up with friends in Australia, that would be a plus.

Oh, look, it's not even THAT long, so thank your lucky stars and all things good in life that you've been spared my long, rambling, random posts.


pelf said...

You get to travel soooo much! I hate you!!! Hmmph... UNLESS you get me something from NZ and Australia la.. Hhehehe..

Amelia said...

It's freezing cold in Auckland last Sunday...a friend rang...he said it 0 Celcius during the day.

Hey, you are going to Melbourne.
You should contact Wuching. :)

Anyway, hope you'll have time for some fun...& take good care. :)

Che-Cheh said...

I'm so jealous of you :PPP
Bon voyage and enjoy your trips.
Do some bungee jump ya.

moz monster said...

pelf: You should substitute the word "Travel" with work ... my job simply means I fly about and do work ...

amelia: Your sources must have been using Fahrenheit. Right now, it's 3.30 am, and the outside temperature is around 11 Celcius ... not too bad, but still too cold for me, especially after last week in Hong Kong.

che-cheh: Don't be jealous. I'll give up all my travels to you, but you have to do my work. Deal ??