07 July 2006

Infectioner Tagged Me

... and then asked me to get well soon.

So before I move on, let's just say that my foot was left untreated today as I went on again about work. So I'm taking time off tomorrow to see my family doctor - I just called to set up an appointment with him ... it's holding up fine, as long as I don't put too much of that Siang Pure Oil, I'm not numb, there's still a throbbing pain.

OK ... memes. Someone tell me please that I'm not the only one who completes memes even when I'm overflowing with creative juices because I just hate to disappoint the people who tag me? Am I alone? Do I need to toughen up and just ignore memes like a certain banana does?

Anyways, I'm doing this meme because it sounds kinda fun.

10 Years ago I was:

... in the year 1996, I was last seen in college, with shoulder length hair, wearing tight jeans and smelling really bad. It was the final year in TAR College, and I got a scholarship to study in Australia.

From July that year, I spent the next year in Brisbane, Australia, furthering my studies, setting myself up for my current life.

That year:

  • I fell in love for the first time with a girl for real.
  • Went hungry for the first time in my life (mum wasn't around to make me noodles in Brisbane ...)
  • I made my first meal (which I dared not consume) in Brisbane.
  • I first realised how big (and small) the world was.
  • I learnt a lesson in $$$ management - what budgeting was all about. Studying overseas on a budget always make you do that.

5 Years ago I was:
... in the year 2001, I was a struggling programmer with my previous company in Malaysia. It was a difficult start to my (then) new job, and I was really trying to get a footing on my life ...

That year:
  • I was doing a project in KL
  • I was staying in a hotel in KL while doing that project although I live in KL
  • I was dying to get a new job
  • I broke off with the one girl I really loved (yup the one from 10 years ago)
  • I discovered that life is a bitch
  • And I still couldn't save enough money to buy myself anything I really wanted

1 Year ago I was:
... in 2005, I was stationed in Bangkok, spending my entire year (except for December) there.

Here's a summary of me 1 year ago:
  • I was living alone in an apartment in downtown Bangkok
  • I fell in love again
  • Then I fell out of love
  • I gained a lot of satisfaction out of my work (until a dastardly boss came along)
  • I discovered the meaning of grace under pressure
  • I knew so many different friends and visited so many places in Thailand, I understand why people are so in love with that beautiful country

Yesterday I was:
  • Working - it's a work day !!! There was nothing dramatic - I know, sue me I'm boring.
  • Worried sick about my numb right foot, which is still giving me problems today.
  • Cursing at the world's most irritating driver, an old uncle on the LDP, who travels in the fast lane at the scary speed of 50 km/h when there ISN'T any traffic. I wonder why these folks can still be on the road.
  • Buying the compulsory cake & drinks to my work colleagues to celebrate my first paycheck at the new company.

5 most recent songs I listened:
According to my iPod ...
  • Piao Yi - Jay Chou - from the Initial D sountrack
  • Wo Men Bu Ku - Emil Chow - from the album "Rain Man"
  • Automatic - Utada Hikaru
  • Enter Sandman - Metallica
  • Hot In Here - Nelly

Kinda retro, huh, my song selections?

5 songs I know the words to:
Um ... I know a lot of songs .... but here's the first 5 I scan off my playlist on the iPod mini ...

  • Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm version (not the MJ one)
  • With or Without You - U2
  • I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
  • Yong Qi - Fish Leong
  • Juk Kuan Ho - Julian Cheong Chi Lam

5 ideal places to run away to:

  • No where like home, really.
  • Bali, Indonesia - it's so peaceful there. Well, when those damned terrorists aren't bombing that place, it's peaceful.
  • My secret contemplation spot, on a hill overlooking the KL skyline.
  • I heard that Kashmir is a really nice place
  • To a galaxy far, far, away ....

5 items I really want:
  • The BMW M5
  • My own 24 bed castle in the Bavarian Alps. What ... it's MY fantasy ok ... kenot ah?
  • My own GPS device
  • My own private jet
  • A piece of rock from the moon

5 things I should be doing now:

  • Sleeping
  • Touching up a powerpoint for a presentation tomorrow
  • Something else ... I mean ... why memes? And who invented these things anyway?
  • Talking with someone special on the phone
  • Making a shopping list. I'm going to Hong Kong next week

5 biggest joys in life:
  • Watching sunsets. Sunrises are acceptable substitues, but only if I have a partner to watch with ...
  • Taking in lungfuls of fresh air along an isolated hiking trail
  • Being able to help someone in need
  • Sitting down for a nice cuppa/mugga/jugga with friends
  • Being alive & blessed with the gift of another day to look forward to

5 people I'm tagging:

It stops here. I'm just going around and tagging the same people again and again.
Oh well, just one:
  • Pelf - she claimed to have run out of ideas to blog, so this isn't supposed to be torture, this is my contribution to her blogging legacy & mental well being. Coming up with materials for blogs isn't easy, you know?


angel said...

*gives another smack for NOT going to the doc earlier*

1) Shoulder length hair??? U??? YOU???
2) What made u discover that life's a biatch?
3) OK, tis one I gotta ask. Why a moon rock?

BTW, give the old uncle a break lah, can? Like u said, he's an 'old' uncle liao mah... ok anot, liuliu?

And please update tomolo, yeah?

* F L Y D A Y P A N D A H U G Z *

Pille said...

You should tagged Che-Cheh...she's going through a writer's block now... ;)

Che-Cheh, if you're reading this, I hope hope you don't mind my suggestion to Moz...
#quickly runs off before Che-Cheh strangles Pille#

pelf said...

I also LOVE "Juk Kuan Ho" !!! =)

Che-Cheh said...

Hehe luckily Moz didn't tag me. Such a long meme leh. :P

Ashish C. said...

Instead of Kashmir I think you should try Everest. :-)

Those 5 items are perhaps the fantasy of many people especially the second won.....*drifts off into a dream....*

A said...

Instead of Kashmir I think you should try Everest. :-)

Those 5 items are perhaps the fantasy of many people especially the second won.....*drifts off into a dream....*

moz monster said...

angeliu: .... *bruised* ... *warded to emergency room* ... *refuses to see angeliu anymore* ... you si beh violent la ... scared.

What's so funny about shoulder length hair? Don't you actually have even L O N G E R hair?

Moon rock because it's out of this world !!

pille: Che-Cheh is pretending she didn't read this ... look at her comment above ...

pelf: I admire your steadfast loyalty to Julian =P

Che-Cheh: Did you not read pille's comments? C'mon, do the meme ...

ashish & a: Same person, I presume? No, I like Dhal Lake ... but Everest is not too bad, just takes a bit of effort to get to ...

Che-Cheh said...

what ? what ? (look left and right)

moz monster said...

che-cheh: wah ... acting innocent ka ? c'mon ... do the meme ... its not at all difficult ...