02 August 2007

Just like that ...

Some poor gentlemen just collapsed and died outside Dunkin' Donuts here in PBD, opposite my office. Despite some foreigner's best effort to revive the person, and despite the ambulance coming quite quickly, the gentlemen is now laying dead on the pavement, waiting to be picked up by the police.

There's a sizeable crowd around the poor gentlemen, who is now covered with some newspaper, and cordoned off with a few traffic cones.

Condolences to his family.

Life is fragile like that ...

I'm renewing my vow to spend life with vigor and to enjoy all the things I want to do, love all the people who means a lot to me, and to never have to regret not doing anything because I didn't make the time to do it. Time to buy a flash for the camera and start chasing bugs, perhaps. Time to take my dad for a vacation too.

Sometimes, we need a bit of jolt to reiterate the messages that are all around us.


may said...

oh dear oh dear... :(

my condolences to his loved ones too.

how fragile life could be... which is why we'd better have a whoop of a time doing that Bondi-Coogee walk!

angel said...

I dun wanna die...

pelf said...

Things happen, don't they?
And I'm glad I took the very last-minute step to go home and give my Mum a surprise on her birthday :)

And you're right, we do need to be jolted once in a while :)

JL said...

... or a donut :)

laundryamah said...

life is short...enjoy to the max! since u travel so much why don't u bring ur dad along each time? at least he can tumpang ur room which is paid for huh?

moz monster said...

Yes, let's have a great time doing the walk !!! And have some Cish and Fhips when we get to Coogee !!

Neither do I. It's a great reminder to be alive while we're still alive !

Good for you ! Your mum must be a really happy woman !

Indeed ... or a donut !

If my dad travel with me ... not likely to work. He has to travel with his bunch of friends ... they all have the same interests.

Perhaps one of these days .... perhaps.

nyonyapenang said...

there is time for everything.....if only we know how to allocate it well....