31 August 2007

Macha ... satu lagi !!!

It's birthday time !!!! Gosh, time passes really quickly, doesn't it? More so when one is having fun !!!

My past year had been full of fun and surprises, so I'm really convinced it won't be a bad thing to have another year full of good things !

Happy Birthday to me ! 31 isn't such a bad age to be !

What was really cool about the past year ?

I found my sunshine, that's definately tops! I call her sunshine because she exudes warmth, and gives you that great fuzzy feeling you get when you walk in the soft glow of the morning sun !

Again, the travel has been great. I think of all things, I discovered Hanoi, which I really liked ! It's impossible not to like it if you are a traveller looking for 'retro' places.

My parent's continued good health ! Dad retired ! And he's now a home-maker of sorts ! It's really cool to see him do his gardening. It's time to take a well deserved rest, dad.

And not least, you, my small group of readers and blogpals. Considering the fact that I haven't written a single Top Ten list for a very long time now, I'm surprise anyone still peeks in, but you do peek in ! =)

Thanks everyone for your wishes. Personally, I'm wishing for another good year ahead - whatever good means.


Jemima said...

May your personal birthday wish come true.

Happy Merdeka Birthday, Moz! :)


angel said...

Ha? Must wish again ahh? :p

Sang Yat Fai Lok!!!

Where's my pressie??? O.o

pelf said...

I called you a couple of times but you didn't answer my call. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

may said...

Happy Birthday (again)!! next year must wish you 3 times izit? kekeke!

Infectioner said...

Happy Bday!

Happy Bday!

Happy Bday!

Happy Bday!

Happy Bday!

Happy Bday!

Happy Bday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday bro.
Sorry it's a bit late


moz monster said...

jems: Thanks Jem !!! You are truly a gem of a great friend !

angel: The earlier one wasn't for you to wish one ... this one only count !!! Thanks !

pelf: My dear best friend ! I have to add another thing to the list of birthday wishes ... no phone calls ... why ?

Because phone calls usually means work. I ignored all phone calls today ! Soli ...

may: Even this year also can wish 3 times ! =P ... thanks !

infectioner: Tenkiu ! Tenkiu ! Tenkiu ! ... eh ... you cut and paste on issit ? How come I type the Tenkiu three times finger tired already one ?

inevitable: Bro ... thanks ! Early or late ... all also I accept with warm thanks !!

pelf said...

You mean you don't have my number on your phone?! You should know that I didn't call you for work!

moz monster said...

pelf: Of course I have your number ! I just left the phone in one corner and ignored every call, without prejudice !

Winn said...

mozzie!! happy birthday happy 31st. ...so did u go baskin robin and indluge in 31 scoops of goodness? .and hor actually. u are already 32 in chinese calendar anyway..happy 32:P

great to know u !!!

laundryamah said...

kinda late wishes here but I did sms a bday wish to ya ,,,err...did i? yes i did..i think...sounds like u had a good time!

moz monster said...

winn: Thanks !!! I think hor, under liucas calendar, I'm close to 103 years old ... and you must be around 92 or something ... =P

laundryamah: Thanks for the sms ... received it ! I'm having a good time, yes !

Will said...

happy belated birthday!! :D

JL said...

Happy Belated B'day!