22 August 2007

Back to Bondi

One of the best things to do in Sydney is taking short walks along the many coastal areas, or hikes along their many National Parks.

I revisited the Bondi-Coogee walk this year with Little Miss May and here colleague this year last Saturday. You can read Little Miss May's rendition of events here, while my previous hike is journaled here.

While the weather could have been a lot nicer (at least it was dry), it was still one heck of a good walk !

Little Miss May and me took the bus from Circular Quay to North Bondi .. where we met up with Juca, her Brazilian colleague. If all Brazilians are like him, I think the whole country will be cool !

On the southern end of Bondi is the iconic Bondi Iceberg ...

The Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk is the official name of the walk from Bondi to Coogee, and it takes you thru Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte, Gordon Bay, Clovelly to Coogee.

We stopped often to admire the views. Seen here are my walk mates admiring a cliff full of white blossoms ...

Pounding waves at Tamarama beach, the first beach along the walk after Bondi.

That day, there were a number of life guard trainings, and this was one such training. They were practicing how to rescue someone into a boat, and it was quite an interesting watch, especially since the waves weren't exactly genteel, you know. The record rescue in Bondi was 280 on a single day ... imagine that ... the life guards pulled 280 people in a single day from the water !!!

Nice clouds ... it was sunny when we started the walk, but it turned really windy and cloudy towards the end ... and by the time we got to Coogee, I was feeling the cold ...

We had lunch at Bronte, where May ordered this mouth watering Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon. Heavenly, don't you agree ?

The lovely Clovelly Bowling Club has great ocean views ... if you need to find a great place to learn lawn bowl (yawn), this will be it ...

It was nothing short of a superb walk, cold as it was at some times. I really want to thank Little Miss May for being such a nice host, and to her Brazilian colleague Juca ! It's people like you who make walks interesting and worth the while, even on dreary, cold days. You guys ROCK !

Blog Plug: Do visit my new photoblog at mozphotos.blogspot.com, I'll be putting in some more Sydney and Bondi photos in the coming days. Thanks ...


angel said...

Hou leng! Yao hou song, hor??

BTW, yr pics a bit dark geh? Some special lense arr?

Che-Cheh said...

All the picts are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing. :)

Winn said...

i wanna go i wanna go!!
i wanna eat may's food i wanna walk by the beach!! i wanna talk cock..i wan sydney!!

nyonyapenang said...

hou leng...hou leng...ngor oi visit Sydney also....

Jemima said...

If it was mid-summer, I bet you'll have lotz of photos of bikini babes. LOL

Happy weekend, Moz. :)

may said...

why do Juca and I look like we're posing at the railing, looking up at the field of daisies? LOLOL!!

glad you had a great time. thanks for your wonderful company too. faster move to Sydney, then we can have more fun here and there! whee!!

safe travels home and everywhere else!

moz monster said...

Really a bit dark is it ??? Maybe it's the velvia effect I've been doing ...

Faitit plan a trip to Sydney !!!

Don't just look at picture ... save up and go holiday down under !!!

I think people with talent like you can go Sydney one ... faitit apply ... then liucas will have good life too ... it's doggie heaven there !

=) ... thanks ... you should try and make a trip .. it's really good.

Happy Weekend, Jems !

yeah ... and it'll then be in my own private collection =P

you guys were just spontaneous in this shot, and I thought it was the best pic in the whole day ...

Thanks to you and Juca, I had a really great day !!