13 August 2007

The heart of Sydney ...

I'm now in Sydney !!!

Flew in on Saturday night, and touched down on Sunday morning. When I arrived, I was greeted by a really nice, warm winter day, 21 celcius, I hear.

Since I can't get a room in the hotel until 2 pm (and I was there by 9.20 am already), I decided to just head down to the city, with camera in hand.

And I'll let the pictures do the talking !!!

I started off here, at the Rocks Weekend Market ...

Then I went here, to the Rocks waterfront, where old warehouses now have some of the best waterfront views, with some of the best restaurants in town as well !

And then, following along Circular Quay, I ended up here, naturally, at the Sydney Opera House.

And met up with this guy here, one of the duo of didgeridoo street performers, whose music blends with techno beats pretty well, really ...

And moved on to say G'Day to the many birds that hover all around the waterfront.

Before squinting to find this fella at the Botanical Gardens, right next to the Opera House ..

And then for the highlight of the day !!!! I met up with Little Miss May !!!! Woooohoooo ~~!!! It's great to see Sydney the way a Sydneysider does, and better still, one who has Malaysian roots.

And what better way to celebrate the coming together of Malaysians overseas than by ... going for lunch ?? In a small restaurant without the frills, but with great food, just like Malaysians would back home !!!??

It was a greeeeeeeat day for me !! Thanks for the enjoyable company !

We went walking along the Sydney CBD from Circular Quay down to Chinatown, via the more scenic route, which passes through Pyrmont Bridge, then thru Darling Harbour.

And then had some very nice Stirfry Chinese Noodles here ... helped down with some very unusual Siu Loong Bao. You have to try the food here. No kidding.

And then we headed back to Darling Harbour, where we sat on the Harbour Steps at ate some really nice Gelato while the chilly wind sent shivers down me spine. That's Darling Harbour as seen from Pyrmont Bridge.

And then, finally, we ended where I started ... QVB. I really wanted to go take some sunset photos from Mrs Macquarie's Chair in the Botanical Gardens, but really, both of us were a little tired from all that walking ... so we settled for a little Hyde Park walk, which was really pleasant.

QVB's a beauty, isn't it ?

I think I'm loving Sydney ...


Applegal said...

So pretty!!! I like the photo of the bird and the spider :)

Take more yaa!!! ^____^ Bring some gelato back for me! *opens mouth wide*

healy said...

Waw... after seeing all your beautiful and professional photos, I'm so in love with Sydney too. Government of Sydney should thank you. :)

angel said...

Woot! I remember the Opera House MMS u sent me a year ago... hmmmm... izit already been that long? Maciam dejavu liddat... ;p

Enjoy Sydney!!! Give Maymay my Hugs & Kisses!!!

may said...

woowaaaweeee!! that's a good shot of the seagull. and everything else too!

hahaha, so strange to be called a Sydneysider! still Malaysian mah, hor? can't wait for this weekend's walk with Laundryamah!

Winn said...

after reader littlemissmay's .,..and now you.....i dreamt of me myself and i in sydney last nite....and i tot it's gonna be true until i woke up!!!! :(.

Che-Cheh said...

Whewwww after reading your post I feel like I'm the one at Sydney. LOL

Jemima said...

Ahhhhhh... my fave building in Sydney.. the QVB.

Thanks, Moz.. brings back memories.

moz monster said...

There are so many birds along the waterfronts here it's impossible not to get a good picture. Can't say the same about the spider though ...

And yeah, you want gelato ? *scoops gelato into applegal's open mouth*

*rolls out red carpet to welcome healy*

Thanks !!! I think Sydney is a nice city, really. Just so much to do here !

Hahaha ... yes ... I remember that too !!! Well, I'm definately feeling right at home here in Sydney ... but this trip is really about catching up with friends instead !

You are indeed a Sydneysider, albeit with Malaysian roots ! And that's a really special classification, you ought to be proud of yourself !

Aiyah ... you travel so much, now with JetBlue and Air Asia X come to Sydney is cheap cheap ... faitit come, I show you where the viagra tiramisu is !!!

Welcome here !!! Hurry up !!! I'll show you around !!! And you can even bring chester for a walk along the seaside hikes !

Ah ... you have good tastes indeed ! QVB's a beauty ... just don't ask me to finance anyone's shopping trip in there ... =P

laundryamah said...

ooooooo can't wait!!!!!

JL said...

i want some Sydney loving too :P