31 August 2007

Merdeka, anyone ?

Finally, Malaysia is 50. All hail the great nation !

But seriously, who are we kidding?

Sometimes, when I gaze out of taxi windows in faraway lands while rushing to airports, I do feel thankful for the home I have, the life I enjoy, and all the good things that have turned out in my life. It must be a blessing to be a Malaysian when you are surrounded by poverty in a foreign nation.

But as I reflect on what it means to Malaysia to be 50, I think it's not the achievements that will stand out. In my mind, what we have not achieved speaks louder about Malaysia.

Stand back, reflect, think for a moment. Despite the Twin Towers. Despite the grandeur of Putrajaya. Despite all the great infrastructure projects.

I really don't want to make a list of our failings here, so I'll just say that I think we as a nation look great from the outside, but is rotten at the core. I can understand why my peers are so willing to flock to other countries in a heartbeat.

I spent some time overseas recently, and while I was away in another country, usually labeled by Malaysian government as racist, I learnt the true meaning of multiculturalism. I understood what acceptance is. And I understood how that's different from tolerance.

And I can't say I see a lot of it in Malaysia, despite our constant trumpet blowing about how multi cultural we are, and how great the integration is.

I can really rant on forever, but I really have this to say: it's been 50 years, and we've all turned out alright. But imagine what we can achieve if we free ourselves from this self imposed malaise and be a more progressive nation that is not afraid to leave the past, and look forward to a future that belongs to all Malaysians.

Happy Merdeka.


Jemima said...

Well said, Moz.

Happy Birthday to both you & our country. ;)

angel said...

Oi... wrong post lah... you should be talking about 'all hail mozilla monsta!' :p

Sang Yat Fai Lok! Chuk lei liuliu yau kam ciu.. ching chun mei lai... oops... hehe...

And still NO Tiffany's for u this year! Haha... :p

may said...

Happy Merry Birthday, Moz! enjoy yourself wherever you are right now. many wonderful wishes to you!