28 July 2007

Eh ... what's that ... ?

Now that Dad has retired, he's spending a lot of time doing some of the things he loves best.

Gardening is one such thing - it's funny ... he's never been a great gardener when he was young ... all he ever does it help mum carry pots from point A to point B. But over the years, he's proven to be a great green finger ! Anyone familiar with the Kuan Yin temple in Taman Bukit Kuchai can drop by and see some of his handy work ! He and a few friends garden there on the weekends !!!!

Can you see it ? Click to see a better pic.

Anyways ... we have this bit of land opposite our house, which isn't developed. Dad puts many of the flowering plants there because mum doesn't like too many flowers within the house compound - messy, she says.

Today, while doing his early morning gardening ... he came across ...

It's about the same thickness of the pagar's wire mesh ... very thin and small ...

Gosh ... we call it a 'Green Bamboo Snake' in chinese, not sure what it's called in English.

It's so small you can't see it at first against the green background. And I really had to move very, very, close to get a picture. I was using my full 135mm zoom ... and was only 2, 3 feet away when taking most of the pictures.

Dad was getting freaked out. He doesn't take risks, and is quite averse to all sorts of things. He kept telling at me from across the road to be careful, and to keep my distance, reminding me that even the crocodile hunter didn't have a good ending. :P

Nice snake, no ?


angel said...


I couldn't see the snake at first!


So, what did u do to it??

pelf said...

This reminds me of a similar snake I saw at the hatchery fence not too long ago.. My friend literally walked into it and got a shock of her life! :)

Applegal said...

Sssssssssweeeettt!! ;) Rule of thirds coming into play even when you're dancing with danger, eh? ;) The mata look so sedated, like moshimaro -___- Hehehehehe

Che-Cheh said...

Arggh I hate snake!

Jemima said...

This is the first time I ever see green bamboo snake. :p

moz monster said...

I photographed the snake and then let it be lah ... no need to do anything ... it's not in my house ... and it's not a danger as far as I'm concerned

Wow ... I bet they were thinking about a terrapin meal or something ... what happened after that ?

Where got rule of 3rds !!!! :P

I was taking the pictures as best as I can to frame it without looking like I was chicken shit !

Why scared? This is my second time face to face with snake in less than about 3 months. Not scared, just respect it and let it go on its own. I'm sure the snake doesn't want anything to do with you.

I have now read through some of the sites, and think it's most likely what is called the Green Tree Racer, or Green Tree Rat Snake. But the eyes somehow seem not to match ...

Jemima said...

Maybe this one is some sort of a cross-breed.. not original (not pirated like Unka Ho's also).. LOL

Maybe Malaysian snakes are different. :p

Ok.. you can tell that I'm tired & can't think straight.. *yawn*

Nite nite, Moz.

may said...

that's so cool! they're not poisonous, are they?

I'm not retired, but I have more time to myself now and trying my best to keep my plants alive. they're not doing good, unfortunately. can I borrow your dad to have a look at them ah?

moz monster said...

It's probably a cross breed !!!! :P ... I don't think you're sleepy at all ...

It appears that this is a poisonous snake, but from what I read, it injects it in very small quantity because of the position of its fangs, so it is painful, but not fatal to humans.

Still ... best policy is to stay away.

You really want to know what my dad does ? He gives em lots of fertilizer, waters them probably excessively, and talks quietly to them. I think the talking keeps the plants amused, and therefore, alive. :P

Will said...

this type of snake are venomous... deadly or not i dunno la :P

slurp! said...

probably oriental whip snake, mildly venomous.