17 July 2007

Manila Manila ...

Got a call on Sunday. On a plane on Monday. Meeting a customer in Manila on Tuesday morning.

That is what global business means. Singapore Airlines e-ticketing totally rocks !!! That's why I was happier flying thru Singapore than going direct from KL to Manila. Well, actually, I can't even be on MAS if I wanted to - no flight.

And if they had flights, I would still have to take Singapore Airlines because they offer better rates. Which beats me - why would it be cheaper to fly from KL to Singapore, then to Manila ? And not directly from KL to Manila?

Hmmmmm ... how to help MAS ?

I packed in such a hurry I forgot to bring my belt. Thank goodness my pants don't fall down without my belt.

Photos to follow if I have time !!


Jemima said...


Mas is beyond help. :(

Che-Cheh said...

I don't believe you're that skinny! Hahaha

Winn said...

skirt will fall worr

sengkor said...

there's always strings..

moz monster said...

Magandang Omaga! That's good morning ... I want to help MAS, but sometimes they shoot themselves in the foot.

I am not skinny lor. That's a fact. But still, my work trousers now are loose because they were made when I was even less skinny.

Can't be why ... woman's natural curve means no belt also skirt will stay up one lah ...

Use string not professional mah ... I did thought of using the string they have in those hotel robes, but color not matching leh ...