03 July 2007

Morib on a whim

Do you love traffic jam? I don't. I'd say that unless you are a petrol station owner on a stretch of very jammed up road, you probably don't love traffic jam. It's a total, utter waste of time in my opinion. And it drive your fuel efficiency lower, and therefore is bad for the environment as well.

Last Saturday, Girlfriend and me planned to scout around Bandar Utama. She wants to move out to a new place, you see. So, I picked her up, and we were driving towards SS2 when the jam started to form ahead ... all the way from Section 14 towards the Sin Chew roundabout.

I thought I'd go towards Seapark to escape the jam. No help. It's jammed there as well. Finally, we made our way through Kampung Bahagia into the LDP. I thought that was the end of my troubles.

No siree ... more jam ... we decided to make a U-Turn at Tmn Tun and just give up. At that point, I've been in that jam for nearly 1.5 - 2 hours already.

Turns out that there was this massive jam towards 1 Utama, which backed up traffic all along LDP, and also caused traffic in roads feeding into the LDP to be also affected.

Someone - do something about the LDP will ya? Puchong residents like me pay toll to use it, and yet we have to put up with the jam !!!! Nowadays, I take alternative routes that aren't tolled. And actually safe money, because those routes are less jammed. Stuff you la, LDP. Whenever I have the choice, I won't be using it !

Girlfriend suggested we makan a little at Taman Tun, which we did. And while in there, she suddenly blurted out that she wanted to be at a beach somewhere.

So ... just like that, on a whim, we went to Morib !!!

Morib used to be a premier beach attraction - but like most beaches along the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, with the polluted waters from the Straits of Malacca washing up everyday, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, it's bound to lose its charm.

Driving to Morib, while far away, isn't anything as bad as going to Bandar Utama. I took the Puchong - Cyberjaya - Dengkil - Banting way to Morib. Far as it is, it wasn't nearly as bad as the trip from Girlfriend's place to Bandar Utama. At least it wasn't jammed up.

So, how's Morib?

Let pictures do the talking ...

We arrived at high tide, so there was no beach !!! Except what you see in the background. Still, it was a good place to relax ... just not happy that there was a deejay blasting music and hosting RM2 karaoke sessions. How does that make a beach relaxing ? This fisherman was clearly unpreturbed.

It isn't the most fun filled beach, but it's relaxing, and there are a number of families there that day. I had a field day snapping pictures like these of families strolling along the sea. It was relaxing, a far cry from my traffic jam nightmare !!

And of course, sunset calms me down. Nothing beats a good sunset. It's like someone's putting up this massive show and is saying "Chill out ... tomorrow will be better." ...


angel said...

Come we go mogok at LDP! But u organise, k?

Che-Cheh said...

Wow oh Wow the paper sampan photo is breathtaking. :))

I seriously hope our govt can limit the no. of cars per house or family. Getting very bad man.

JL said...

makes you wanna cabut all your hair and scream at them at the top your lungs kan kan kan :P

welcome to KL/PJ... the constipated city hehehehe

relax OK... cheers

nyonyapenang said...

pay to jam! sei mou?

moz monster said...

Can ... I sure can organise one ... but you turn up in place of me, ok ? Organiser must be heard but not seen ....

Limiting cars isn't the answer ... I think we need to be increasing the public transportation usage by making buses, trains and other modes of public transportation more affordable, accessible and reach all the places it doesn't reach today.

Constipated city !!! Hahahaha ... if anyone told me Bangkok has worse jams than JL last week, I would strongly dispute it.

yeah ... pay to jam. that's why I so kek sai ...

Jemima said...

Nice pics again, Moz.

Really love the sunset.

may said...

hey, are those paper boats yours? how cool! yeah, LDP will always be jammed up no matter what they do to it, I think. it's one of those unfortunate facts...