28 June 2007

Still around ...

Just dropping by here to say that I'm still around.

Work has been taking up a lot of time lately, and of course, there's life after work, which I enjoy immensely, thank you.

So, what's up, Moz ?

Well, there's been a bit of travelling around. And a bit of hard working late nights. I have some personal matters to see to, and I've also got some travel plans to look after as well.

All in all, it's really action packed, but in a boring, non-bloggable way. The most interesting bloggable thing was getting a job offer I find hard to refuse. However, not all things can be worked out in a nice, mathematical equation which balances everything. It doesn't work that way. Not all the time anyways.

Just want to throw out to my small readership - what's your price to relocate to a different country? If you got a job offer to go elsewhere, what would make you take it up ?? What would make you go? What would make you stay? This has been really fascinating to me and I'd like to hear from you folks what you think.

On the other hand, dad would be retiring soon ... very soon. I hope he'll have a good, restful time after his retirement. But knowing him, I won't be counting on it. Pretty sure he'll be runnning around meeting friends, doing his usual makan rounds and lots of gardening in the temple.

My creative powers are running low, hope you folks will bear with me a little ...


angel said...

So many questions geh...

If I were offered a job say somewhere in Europe, prolly I'll pack & go. Why? Because I wanna experience 4 seasons... Because I dowan to work so hard, I wanna be like 'em mat sallehs... so relaxing... because because just because :p

BUT, I'll stay if The Love of My Life comes along... or if I have family commitments...

For you, u faster go... then I can plan for my hornidays heh heh...

Winn said...

lol angel! me ageee me agree. i wld pack and go if it's europe japan usa !!

if it's a 3rd world country ..dont even consider...short working trips are fine tho.

may said...

I would go, even if I didn't have a job offer... lol! that's what I did, sorta. if you had an opportunity and your loved ones more than support it, by all means go and experience the time of your life! of course, you must really need to want to go too, otherwise it'd only make you miserable... ;-)

Anonymous said...

No need to guess who but just need to know we are no strangers, Mr. Moz Monster.

Relocation. A year ago, I would say YES to your very simple question. Now, I would say, think about what you really want at this stage of your life. Family? GF? Career? See the world? Of course, can have all if u r lucky but for most, it's a game of give and take.

Simplest question is what makes you happy at THIS stage of your life. Frankly, I can easily be run over today due to the accident rates nowadays so why bother about TOO long into the future.

I'm sure the the little instinct that Mr. Moz Monster claim to have will already have an answer for this decision.

Good Luck!

Will said...

i agree with Mr Anonymous... the most important thing to consider is your commitment i guess...

if you believe you can leave everything behind (and carry some with you there), then i guess it's a good idea to go try out opportunities like this while you're still young.

Winn said...

leave ur camera behind if u go...:P

moz monster said...

Wah ... Mat Sallehs have easy life, is it ?

I decided not to pursue it. My gut feel told me not to - big time - I'm not having diarrhea. =P

It was an opportunity at a developed country in Asia, no, not the one underneath Malaysia.

I have to say I admire your courage. I'm here and having the time of my life already !

Finally, a comment from you !!!! =P

I've decided. Sometimes, what you want is already what you have. Just don't know it.

Well, I've decided I'm not going for it. My one reason is that I'm sure I'll get more of these as time goes by. Maybe in the future.

I think hor ... if I don't have my D80, winn, you won't be so nice to me lor .... right anot ?

*quickly runs away from winn*

Jemima said...

Life is where you live it.

I respect your decision, my friend.

Che-Cheh said...

Always ask your heart what you really want.

angel said...

*potong stim*
*can't go horniday liao*

No Tiffany for liu!! :p