09 June 2007

Notes from the road

Travel is beginning to dominate my work schedule again - I was in Bangkok last week (which explains the lack of postings), and I'll be in Singapore - this time there WILL be postings - for the next two weeks. That makes nearly a whole month away from home.

Bangkok was a blast ! No ... nothing like a real blast. Blast as in a great time. I managed to catch up with some of the places I really missed in Bangkok over a short Sunday, and boy, I really love it there in Bangkok. More than anything, it's the smiles that I miss.

I revisited Wat Phra Keow (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) - known as the Grand Palace to most non Thais like you and me. It did drizzle a little bit, which made me scamper for cover - because I was with my precious DSLR, but the experience was good. The ever on going renovation works meant that the Temple of the Emerald Buddha itself was enclosed in a zinc cover - so I can't photograph that. But some of the attractions, such as the kinaree, which was previously under restoration is now reopened, so I did get some decent pictures there =)

I got reacquainted with Wat Po, where the famous Reclining Buddha is housed. It's also the first University in Thailand. Again, there was a lot of restoration work in progress, which meant that there wasn't too much to photograph ... but I'm still happy to visit the home of Thai massage. But no, there wasn't any Thai massage this time around ...

And I revisited the rebuilt Erawan shrine, which had been destroyed by a mentally handicapped person some months back. Practically walking distance from my hotel, there was no way I was going to miss the chance to revisit this shrine. Smack in the middle of Bangkok's busy Ratchadamri intersection, people pray here for wishes to come true. And when it does come true, they have to come back to repay the favor, hiring dancers to perform for the Hindu Deity who granted the wishes.

And there's good food too - Thai food is never bad !!! =P. Inter Continental Bangkok rocks ! The nightly food plate is great !!! Fresh fruits, chocolate, and a selection of Thai snacks.

So the point is - for those of you who might have some reservations about visiting Bangkok - I don't see why not !

Onwards to Singapore - it'll be in time for the Great Singapore Sale ! And hopefully, there will be plenty of good weather and lots of good judgement against impulse buying. =)


On a different note, I'd like to thank everyone who's jumped over to my photoblog, moz takes photos, and supported the new site. I enjoy your comments, both positive and negative. No comment is a bad comment over there.


may said...

I really should make a trip to Bangkok one of these days. been saying I will for the past couple of years... procrastinate! but I will, someday.

Applegal said...

Nightly fruit platter? Always good in my books :)

Hope your arm will get better soon! Rest up!

angel said...

I missed the Erawan shrine in my last trip! Grrr! Was raining and we didnt have enough time to go pai pai...

No Jatujak photo ma?

nyonyapenang said...

wah...you have been living out of hotel rooms and suitcases huh?
at least you took time out to explore and enjoy the cities you were in.

Che-Cheh said...

hmm what fruit is that ar? (in the banana leaves box)

Jemima said...

Show us what you bought at the Great Singapore Sale.. :P

Inevitable said...

GSS = 18-200 VR + SB600???

moz monster said...

You should really go - it's darn good ... and cheap ... and plenty of sights and sounds. I think you'll like it there ...

Fruit platter is always good :)

Arm will get better, I'm sure !

No Jatujak photo wor ... but Erawan must go pai pai ... heard ppl go there ask for boyfriend, girlfriend, cars, houses, whatever !

I try to go out and look see look see everywhere I go ... part of my curious nature, I guess.

Those are not fruits ... they are snacks that look like fruits. The outer layer is made from dough+sugar, and on the inside there's green bean filling ...

I might not buy anything. Can't say if girlfriend won't ... :P

Maybe just the SB-600 ... 18-200, I'm still considering ... because it overlaps with my 18-135 ...