25 July 2007

Manila Makan & Shop Place: Tiendesitas

Having been to Manila many times, and usually just sticking to the safe and tested formula of Greenbelt, Landmark and Glorietta Malls in Makati for my shopping and makan, I've never really ventured anywhere outside of that ... until this past trip.

I needed to stay really close to the office, and thus, was based out of Ortigas City, in Pasig, instead of Makati.

For the uninformed, Manila is not one city. It's a metropolitan with many cities within. Makati is one. Pasig is another.

Our local Pinoy seafood meals. Garlic fried rice, spicy prawns and steam tilapia.

This time, for makan and shopping, I discovered ... Tiendesitas ! Wikipedia link here.

The name means "collection of little shops", and is like a small scale Chatuchak / Lumpini night market of Bangkok. It has sections for food, antiques, souveniers, furniture, clothing, accessories, you know ... just name it, it's probably there.

And just like Lumpini in Bangkok, there is live band show at night ! Not bad at all ...

Shops mostly closed by the time I left ... but to the Bangkok faithful, doesn't it remind you of Lumpini Night Market ?

I was having an informal meeting with a customer there for dinner, and we settled on some local seafood at a stall called Fat Butchie's. It's seriously not bad at all ... !

Fat Butchie's !

If you ever drop by Manila, you should really go visit Tiendesitas. A word though ... it's open from 12 noon to 12 midnight, and toilets are located in Comfort Zones. You've been warned !

Ordering what we want ...

*** Photos are of terrible quality because it's taken with my old, outdated, ought to be replaced mobile phone, You are strongly discouraged from suing me if you suffer eyesight problems after looking at them. I know a lawyer very, very, well ***

While going through the phone, I discovered there were some other photos in there ... so might as well publish it, although it has nothing to do with this post altogether !

Jalan Gasing sees a fair share of accidents ! I know the driver is ok, sitting by the road behind the car. This is near Catholic High School, where there is a sharpish bend. Don't speed lah peeps ...

If you have difficulty finding parking in Bangkok, the reason is because there is no parking. Here, you look for prarking instead !!! LOL !!!


Jemima said...

Trust me to drop by here before dinner.. :p

That tilapia makes me salivate liao..

pelf said...

I know no Lumpini Market but the third picture looked damn well like the Night Bazaar at Chiang Mai!! LOL.

angel said...

Yr phone so char meh?? O.o

Waa... that "Lumpini" lane looks like the place I bought something the last time :p

JL said...

the gastromad (wandering food connoisseur) :)

moz monster said...

The food's fine there !!! And plenty of choices with life band ... doesn't get better ... :)

Honestly ... after you've been to a few night markets ... they start looking the same ...

Yeah ... like I told my new best friend, pelf, all night markets somehow end up looking about the same.

No lah ... just happened to be travelling ... and just happened to be there ... I really wish I could be a travel program host !

may said...

prarking - for those with cars like prams! errmmm... ok ok, bad joke, heheh! at least they spelt Dunkin' Donuts correctly...

may said...

eh, so when coming to Sydney la? bring you go eat tapas!