24 October 2006

Top Ten Excuses for Building a Palace without approvals

Ah ... Malaysian politics. Nothing like good old politics ... councillors building 'small' houses without getting approval.

Oh, sure, we're very certain the architect is at fault here. It's not the builder, it's the architect.

Sure, you've submitted plans that were NOT approved but you went ahead because it involved costs.

Why of course, you are going to resubmit them for approval after Raya. But AFTER you went ahead and built it anyway.

And still, they think reporters are wrong to report it, and wish for a quiet Raya. Are reporters supposed to write good things about you then, Mr Councillors ?

Hmm ... makes me wonder why do some houses get torn down for not having approved plans, and why some stay around. Maybe it's who the owner is ??

You may have noticed that I'm honking mad over this. There is no reason whatsoever the people who're supposed to be our 'leaders' are flouting the rules. And believe me, these are the same people who will enforce the rules against YOU if they see fit.

I mean, let's see what'll happen to me if I decide to extend my buildings without getting proper approval from MPSJ ...

And if the news is to be believed, the councillor even turned his back to an 'invitation' to meet the Sultan of Selangor. Now, that's rude in any language ...

So, what's your excuse Mr. Councillor? What's your excuse?

  • "No, it's not a palace. It's a chill out place for Mat Rempits ... "
  • Chicks dig palaces.
  • Reliably informed by his son that as councillor, he is above the law.
  • "Plans? I thought you need to submit glands?"
  • Hey, if you've got THAT much money to spend, will you wait for approval ?
  • "Look, wiseguy, I approve the plans here. *Ehem* ... I hereby approve my plans."
  • Did I mention chicks dig palaces?
  • Why are you all discussion trivial issues like this? Let's talk about somethign real, a pressing problem in society. Let's talk about Mat Rempits instead ...
  • When a man has THAT many cars to park, do you think he'll care about plan approvals?
  • Desperate to be featured on MTV's "Pimp My Palace"


Che-Cheh said...

oh yeah I'm pi$$ed about that issue too. Who do they think they are. &#$(*@

moz monster said...

che-cheh: I'm surprised you're the only one feeling hard done by this. Maybe there are others who feel strongly about this, but don't feel safe mentioning it ...