15 October 2006

Getting Sentimental ...

I've been feeling sentimental lately. Sometimes, music does that to you. Sometimes, it's meeting an old friend. And sometimes, it's just the weather.

It's been a confluence of all 3 this week.

Last Saturday, while channel surfing, I chanced upon a song that I had long forgotten. It was better forgotten then, something which was much more beneficial to me discarded from my memory. That was because this song reminded me of a time when my heart was shattered and broken. A time when I doubted my own ability to heal.

I obviously got over it, and I'm all fine now. Listening to the song evoked a sense of calm to this week's hectic pace. It didn't hurt anymore. It actually gave me quiet strength, knowing that I, like many, if not all other people, will go through lows.

Hehe ... so I actually put that song in a loop on my iPod and just kept listening to it for hours and hours and hours and hours.

Also met an old friend yesterday night. Reminded me of the lowest point in my career - she was a counterpart in a project I worked at in a previous job. Just a lot of bitter memories from that time. I still can't get that out of my mind - it was probably the biggest waste of time in my working life.

But if nothing at all, it taught me that failure is not the end of the road. I think I've rebounded pretty decently after that. I turned out ok, no?

And finally ... the weather ... the haze is back in Singapore. And I hate the haze. I hate Indons who burn the forests. I hate the officials in Indon who take bribes to close an eye to the burning. I hate the big plantations who get away with a mere slap on the wrist.

But back to the link between weather and my current wave of sentinmentality. The haze brought back memories of 1997 ... the year I left Australia. I have since been lucky - always overseas when the worst of the haze strikes. But not this year - I'm here in the region - with haze and all.



Guess what's I did in Singapore?

Clues: Vivocity, New Asia Bar, Attica, Cufflinks from Tiffany's, neckties and more shirts than I normally buy in a year !!!


angel said...

*thick skin mode*
Oklah, I know u miss me...
No no... no piak-ing allowed!

Waaaaa!!!! Vivocity!!! The most happening place in the Lil' Dot!!! Where are the pictures?! Did you dine overlooking the sea? Did ya? Did ya??

Thank goodness for the rain earlier this evening... helps alot clearing the haze.

pelf said...

Err.. I WANT AN iPOD! Please...? Kkekee :)

Inevitable said...

Hey, what are you doing at the pickup joint? ;)

moz monster said...

angel: Wah lau ... not missing you lah. Not entirely anyways.

Vivocity is like a new shopping mall. Nothing special lor ... I think 1 Utama beats it hands down ...

pelf: You know my price ... =)

inevitable: Having drinks. And enjoy the feeling of girls hitting on me. :p

Jemima said...

Did the girls have any luck??? ;)

Have a great week, Moz. :p

Che-Cheh said...

Weh meaning u sudah beli baju raya ka.

moz monster said...

jemima: That's for me to know and for you to find out ...

che-cheh: I don't need baju raya ... but yeah, I bought some LIVERPOOL FC jerseys !!!