16 October 2006

I'm so fugu-ed

This might be the last post I'm ever going to blog.

I've been fugu-ed.

I had so no idea how deadly this fugu thing can be man .... if I don't update in 24 hours' time, someone call my family and tell them I really, really, love 'em.

Love y'all folks who've been real hardy supporters of the blog.

Seriously, I had some pufferfish for my Japanese dinner. Felt that numbness in my lips for a bit. And the tongue too.

Take my word for it: it ain't all that good, the numbness aside. A cheaper way to achieve a similar affect would be to swallow and suck some ice cubes.

Edit: People, I'm ok lah ... no need send sms lah ... me alive ... no tetrodotoxin poison ... no paralyse .... ok ?


Jemima said...

Thank God, you're OK!

Inevitable said...

So, how it taste like? And don't tell me this is your last post lah brother...

moz monster said...

angeliu: Don't worry ... me still alive

jemima: No problemo. Don't worry. Hugs !!!

inevitable: No taste, just feel numb in the lips and tongue lor. Better suck ice cube. Cheaper, less risky ...

And yeah .... I'll be back !!!

angel said...

*throws boots & fish @ moz*


Che-Cheh said...

Cool...you get to taste that freaking fish. Hahaha
How expensive is fugu ?

moz monster said...

angeliu: throws chocolate and ice cream back at angeliu. and a cheesecake too.

che-cheh: tasteless .... no taste. stick to salmon better.

chloe said...

bungee jumping sounds awfully dull now.

i want to try!!!

moz monster said...

chloe: I think in KL, Ozeki at Menara TA (opposite KLCC) serves it. Around RM 100 for 10 miniscule slices.