01 September 2005

what gender is your brain

bored outta my brains, so i surfed around and found this .... apparently there is a test to see what gender your brain is. and i'm mostly male, but that's if you don't factor in the compulsory margin of error.


Your Brain is 46.67% Female, 53.33% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve


so what does that make me? and does it mean if i'm more f brain than m brain i become a gay?

i'm not sure i consider a mix of m and f brain to be healthy. and i'm not sure how can one be rational and wear his heart on his sleeve. how? how? how??

and goodness gracious me, i'm only 6% from becoming more f than m. maybe it's time to reconsider the hormone tests dr soon prescribed for the annual checkup.
and no more soya bean drinks. and i'm going to throw away all those pink t-shirts el pronto.


wtf man? what'll they come up with next? what gender is your penis? what gender are your boobs? like:

Your Penis is 45% Female, 55% Male

Your penis is a healthy mix of male and female (yin and yang)
Your penis are both sensitive yet hard, tense yet pulsing with lurve
You make love like a man, but you scream like a woman
And you tend to come waaaaay too early

Your Boobs are 67% Female, 33% Male

Your boobs are overwhelmingly female, which is expected
Your boobs are hard to arouse, requiring plenty of licking and bites
Since it's still 1/3 male, your boobs are unbalanced
And yes, the 1/3 male-ness accounts for the nipple hair


1 comment:

Silencers said...

LMAO, the penis and boob genders are the killers :))