13 September 2005

thank you, my inefficient government

that sunny june day, i popped into cyberjaya's national registration department office on 1st june, after taking some hard earner leave, to make my mykad. it was quite fine, no large queues, no hassles, quite pleasant actually. then i was told as i was leaving the mykad will take about 1 month.

yeah, right, 1 month in pluto maybe. not on planet earth, and definately not in malaysia.

am f(*&ing disappointed at the efficient government machinery which had either:

not updated the jpn database on the status of my mykad application OR not processed my mykad application

all this after MORE THAN 3 F(&(ING MONTHS ...

is it all that surprising that we are no way near the top in terms of government efficiency ? i don't think i have to add more to this. the following excerpt from thestar is not surprising.

excerpt from articled 'malaysia's world ranking drop to 28th', The Star

i would like to thank the efficient malaysian government for only taking many many months of delay. i'm sure they have no idea why they have slipped from 16th most efficient government to the 26th place. i mean, surely it must take more than 100 days to process your multi purpose government cards. why should someone like me complaint about that?

i think when the civil servants have to be told to cut down on their tea breaks, maybe we're missing the real points, aren't we? and when you need 100 + days to process my little mykad. if there is a commercial entity doing this, it would probably have folded ages ago.

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