01 September 2005

sprucing up my site

the laptop's out till next morning, at least, so now i'm surviving on a pc in the corner of the thailand office, right next to the printer. i'm reminding myself not to blog anything stupid since i'm like a sitting duck when i'm sitting here.

i am starting to dress up this blog site. just registered for a traffic counter. now, there's good and bad things about adding a counter for a freak like me. on my other blog site, the moment i added my counter, i started tracking it day and night .... i'll be addicted to traffic stats. and the sobering thing about that is, i don't get any bloody hits. of course you don't get hits. my other blog site is meant for close friends only. i never had any expectations that the whole world would see it.

let's see if i can break the other blogs record for daily visitors. i'm expecting 30 visitors in a single day here. let's see. venti latte to anyone who becomes the 31st visitor. (collect your venti latte at a starbucks near you, quote dubya bush when you collect the latte).

so i'm hoping that'll be the case here - that i won't be getting internet withdrawal symptoms if i stop getting traffic stats for this blog. i really don't expect much people to peek in here anyways.


i'm wondering if there's any health warning about sitting next to the office printer. perhaps noise pollution warning ?

everytime someone stops by, i spend 5 minutes talking about the same old things, you know, how's work, how's life, how come your in thailand for 1 bloody year and still don't have a girlfriend, how come you look so dark when you claim to be working only?

it feels like i need to call a town hall meeting to update everyone before i can start doing anything. or maybe i should direct them all to this website. maybe that'll make 30 visitors daily.

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